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The League of Legends Championship of the 2nd stage of the LBE (Liga Brasileira de E-Sports) reaches its semi-finals this Saturday (27th) and Sunday (28th). This brings the competition ever closer to the finale and to declaring the big winner of the dispute.

Starting with 15 teams (find out more here), now 4 of them are preparing to determine who will be the first places that will win the following prize:

1st place: BRL 1000.00 (one thousand reais)

2nd place: R$450.00 (four hundred and fifty reais)

3rd place: BRL 150.00 (one hundred and fifty reais)

Meet the semi-finalists:

Wild Runaways

The Rio de Janeiro-based team, Wild Runaways, was formed in 2020 after the members recognized their individual potential as players and the good performance they showed together.

The team consists of Guilherme “Wilk” Henrique (top laner), Fernando “Shyuki” Oliveira (mid laner), Rodrigo “Clown” Maciel (jungler), Ricardo “Nickyto” Sousa (ad carry), Gabriel “Tiede” Tiede (support ). In addition, the team has a technical team made up of coach and CEO Dalton Santos and Giulia Orofino, also CEO.

In Stage 2 of the LBE, Wild Runaways’ performance was unbeatable. The team remains undefeated, overtaking opponents in both the group stage and quarterfinals.

First, the team was drawn into Group 2 where they faced Frostbite, Angry Sharks UFPR, Arctic Lions and Alien 8. Therefore, the team reached the quarterfinals with 8 wins and no losses.

In the next phase, the team faced Fênix E-Sports in an MD3 (Best of 3), winning two games in a row and eliminating the opponent. Finally, Wild Runaways will face Santa Bronx UFU Esports in the semifinals, who will make it to the finals?

Santa Bronx UFU Esports

Santa Bronx UFU is a Minas Gerais-based team representing the Federal University of Uberlândia. The team was formed in late 2017 to compete in the League of Legends modality, but the organization has already expanded to include other options alongside LOL.

The team consists of Matheus “Kenai” Capita (top laner), Raphael “MekansS” Azambuja (top laner), Murilo “muthmedeiros” Medeiros (mid laner), Natan “UFU RandomJungle” Paranaiba (jungler), João Vinicius (jvfk) Kenan (Ad), Henrique “Setinha” Costa (Ad), Artur “Fenix” Amaro (Assist), Matheus “Teeusoo” Soares (Assist). In addition, the team also has the technical commission of Thiago “k0TShin” Corteis and coach Vinicius “Minnie” Oliveira.

Playing in Tier 2 of the LBE for the first time, Santa Bronx was another major highlight of the competition, showing great skill, control and game strategy.

Initially, the team was drawn into Group 3 where they faced several newcomers to the Championship including Esquema Team, Fênix E-Sports, BetaOne E-Sports and Tilt Kings who were already in the Brotherss phase. Also, UFU Santa Bronx qualified for the Quarterfinals in the group stage with 5 wins and 3 losses.

UFU Santa Bronx then met Black Knights Hope in the Quarterfinals and won MD3 2-0.

Now the UFU meets the undefeated Wild Runaways. Will they be able to defeat their opponent with their skills? Follow on Twitch.

Hoschelion and friends

Team Hoshelion e Amigos was created to compete in the 2nd stage of the LBE and brings together players from Maringá-PR, Curitiba-PR and Rio de Janeiro-RJ. Despite the lack of experience as a team, almost all members have already been part of T2/T3 teams.

In this sense, the team consists of Danilo “ibatmando sertão” (top laner), Washington “Wasnih” (mid laner), Andrew “worst Jungler Br” (jungler), Lucas “Agni” (ad carry) and Helion “drx keria” (Support).

Hoshelion and Friends is a great example that “we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”. With their strong players and their good cohesion as a team, they also came through the group stage unbeaten.

Previously, Hoshelion e Amigos was drawn to Team 1 where they defeated Black Knights Hope, UFPR Burning Bunnies, Universidade Positivo Capybaras and FG E-Sports teams, totaling 8 wins and no losses.

Then, during the Quarterfinals, the team faced the UFPR Burning Bunnies and won 2 games to 1 in MD3.

Qualified for the semifinals, Hoshelion and Friends meets the Esquema team. Who should prevail in this dispute and reach the final?

single team scheme

The Esquema Único Team was born in early 2020 with players who excelled in championships in the Marília/SP region and decided to form a team. The team was soon invited to represent Grupo Educacional Esquema Único in League of Legends.

As such, the team has a full squad, with Victor “KZ Candy” Kendi (Top Laner), Raphael “EUT Smaug” Benevides (Mid Laner), Lucas “EUT LrK” Quero (Jungler), Gabriel “Irotah” Hatori (Ad Carry) , Gustavo “EUT Shinden” Yamada (assistance).

In addition, the Esquema team has reserves such as Matheus “EUT Shimazu” Mikio (top laner) and Giovana “Love PLS” Lunardele (support), coach Guilherme “Shad” Pasold, CEO Flavio Quero, analyst Vinícius “EUT Vnc” Treymann and manager Caio “EUT Cain” Moraes.

The team drew attention in the championship for playing confidently and presenting consistent play with a well-developed macro, as well as being able to fit small fights into the map in a well-crafted way.

The Esquema team, also drawn for Group 3, faced Santa Bronx UFU, Fênix E-Sports, BetaOne E-Sports and Tilt Kings E-Sports. In this way, the team qualified for the quarterfinals with 7 wins and only 1 loss.

The team still faced Frostbite E-Sports in the Quarterfinals, beating them with a score of 2 wins against 1 loss in MD3. One by one, the Schema team meets Hoshelion and Friends.

Now that you know the teams and their journey through the championship better, do you already know who you’ll be cheering for? Follow the championship online on Twitch. In addition, you can also follow the results of the matches and other information via the official LBE social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube).

To learn more about League of Legends and its championships, click here.

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