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Today we’re going to talk about 5 games that should become a series, both because they have a thought-provoking theme and because they present action dynamics that would look great outside of games. Check the list:

the witcher

1 – Resident Evil

resident Evil

We’ll start with the most obvious, the Resident Evil series. Created in the 90’s, it has everything a series needs, including charismatic characters, an intriguing story, great twists and an action that doesn’t need a lot of special effects.

The sequel is already a phenomenon outside of games, is hugely successful in movies, and Netflix has even ordered a series. The problem is that adaptations never address the original story, so productions always try to use only the subject and at most a few references. But what we want is an adaptation of the original games that is as faithful as possible.

In that sense, the series could have small arcs that could be entire seasons, easily guaranteeing at least 4 seasons (with nothing superhuman except for the zombies).

In addition, the more down-to-earth the good guys are, the better. We want to see how Jill, Chris, Leon and Claire try to survive Umbrella, that’s all.

2 – Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V is a game with 3 amazing stories that are very well developed and fit together perfectly. With that, GTA V has everything to be a fantastic series, with violence, social criticism and lots of action.

The series would have 3 protagonists with different points of view on the events of the plot. This dynamic is already used in series and works very well because it could consider a huge audience that would cheer for at least some of them, if not all of them, and that would add a lot of depth to the series.

Trading would be no problem. Heists, foot chases, car chases, motorcycle chases, plane chases, etc. are part of the spirit of GTA. In addition, the life of the crime addressed in the game would add a lot of excitement to the series and never let the audience fall, in addition to the problems of the main trio, which would also create very funny scenes. In short, GTA V is perfect for an adaptation.

3 – precipitation

stand out

Fallout would also be an amazing adaptation as the game’s storyline is simple but very powerful. In it, a character who has spent his entire life in a bunker must go out to save his peers and face a barbaric world in the best MAD MAX style. The premise is simple, but it opens up to endless developments.

The series would work like a great adventure in which our protagonist would leave the vault he lives in for some reason (every game has a different reason) and spend a good part of the story trying to reach his goal. So he would begin to get to know this lawless world together with the spectator.

In the story there are always organizations that give depth to the plot and are responsible for the plot so that the series never becomes monotonous or uninteresting.

4 – The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

Here we enter into a much more fantastical production. The Legend of Zelda is one of the most awarded franchises of all time, and it’s no coincidence. His stories are able to inspire, amuse and create suspense with an always impressive creativity.

The series would function as a grand adventure in the best Lord of the Rings style, in which a young Kokiri is forced to leave his small hidden village to embark on a journey to save the world. A simple argument, but it has everything it needs to work if the world it’s exploring is really interesting.

Furthermore, there is no shortage of material to create the series as the game addresses everything from romance to intense action sequences.

5 – Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed is a franchise not to be missed. It’s already been turned into a movie, but it didn’t have enough time to tackle the full construction of the main character.

In the story we have Desmond, a descendant of the Assassin clan who was forced to relive memories of his ancestors etched into his DNA. But it is evident that there are many more elements to explore.

As such, the series would focus on Desmond’s gradual discovery of his past, and in particular the organization that “occupies” him. Once again, major series have used this argument, leading their protagonist to reveal his origins and the evil organization behind it.

Action, investigation and romance would be guaranteed in this adaptation that could use games as story arcs and would be perfect.

Well, those were the 5 games that should make a series, in our opinion. Of course there are others, so comment on other games you would like to adapt into series.

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