Amateur Gamers: How to Choose the Best Gamer Case?

Amateur Gamers: How to Choose the Best Gamer Case? HomeAmateurGamerGamer: How to Choose the Best Gaming Closet?

It’s not enough to protect the computer parts, the gamer case has another function: to give your computer a “gamer face”, with its own style and personality. He must make it very clear that he has a special function that is not a simple desktop PC, but a machine designed with a specific mission, much more powerful and dynamic.

The main function of your case is to protect the internal components of the PC, such as the motherboard and graphics card, from dust, moisture or any other situation that could affect the operation of the device. But in addition to all this, caring about the machine’s appearance is also the hallmark of every player, so knowing how to choose, organize and maintain your machine is important. Follow Brothers’ tips for the moment when choosing your closet.

How do you choose the right gamer cabinet for you?

which cabinet to choose

Even if many people don’t know it: not all offices are the same. And here we don’t even refer to the color adjustments, LED, transparencies and other factors that further characterize the PC body. In fact, it’s the technical features that can make the difference for you.

If you are on this journey of choosing a good closet, consider the points we are going to list to make it easier to make the right choice and avoid problems later. Cash!


The first point to consider is the size of the closet. How much size do you need in your closet? What components does it need to support and how big is each one? In these situations, an incorrect case size is like buying a shoe that is smaller than your foot. It doesn’t matter that it won’t work.

It is the size of the peripheral that determines what you can and cannot install on the system. The larger your case, the more space you have to strengthen your machine. The basic standards are: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, EATX, XL-AT, from the smallest to the largest.

These samples can give you more or less a feel for how to choose exactly the models that best suit your use. Think about the dimensions of your components and, most importantly, whether the case you choose offers enough space for possible future upgrades. Otherwise, your investments will be steady.

airflow and cooling

Cooling air flow in the cabinet

Not only do you need a monitor that matches the size of the components, you also need airflow that matches the cooling you need to keep the machine from overheating.

This is an essential factor for any computer, but those building a PC with the specific function of running heavy games or programs that push the machine to extreme performance need to pay even more attention to this point.

We already wrote a post here on the blog explaining how to build a gaming PC that runs everything. If you have any questions, just watch the whole process there. Remember that a PC that runs everything needs to have excellent airflow, right? It’s even worth checking if the case has room to install as many coolers as needed.

cable management

This is one of those points that hardly anyone pays attention to when choosing a closet, but it makes a big difference in everyday life.

A cabinet with good internal cable routing is often much easier to manage and causes fewer cable problems. Also because the loose cables inside the housing run the risk of being sucked in by the cooling system of the cooler or even being thrown out.

The latest models usually have hooks, loops throughout the body that make hanging cables easier. They also have a dedicated space to house a good amount of cables behind the motherboard. So the cables are hidden, organized and your closet is visually more beautiful.

RGB lighting

cabinet lighting

Okay, we know it’s not an essential element, but the lighting effects match your case’s difference and leave a gamer’s footprint on the PC case. Of course, not everyone likes this type of lighting, while it’s not a must, but it’s imperative to reference a nice gamer case model with RGB lighting to the standard expected in a high-end setup.

Most often, this type of lighting softens the environment and makes the space more conducive to the game. The option becomes even more attractive if the model has adjustable lighting. This makes the peripheral much more flexible, ideal for any time and any type of game.

Where can you buy your closet?

Buy your suitcase from a responsible, reliable store. This offers quality products made with provenance materials. This is the only way to ensure a long service life for the cabinet. Here at Brotherss, all of these requirements are taken very seriously.

We offer you different models of gaming cases, each with specific features to maximize your experience. Try it and choose the one that best suits your needs!

Did you enjoy the post? To continue following our content, just keep an eye on the blog, we always bring you tips, suggestions and news!

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