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Zangado hacked his YouTube channel HomeGamerZangado hacked his YouTube channel

On the afternoon of December 1st, Youtuber Zangado’s channel was hacked. At the same time, all videos were removed and the name itself was changed.

With over 4.1 million subscribers, the YouTuber channel now features the Ethereum Foundation, a cryptocurrency developer, and a live stream from Cathie Wood.

With more than 10 years in the business, Zangado is one of the biggest youtubers in the games sector in Brazil. Most importantly, he was one of the pioneers in this field and is one of the most respected content creators on the platform.

It is not immediately known whether they deleted the videos from the channel or just hidden them. But the fact of the matter is that everything related to the site like art, followed channels, and the community tab has been removed. Only the URL remains.

How does coup work?

Zangado became another victim in a wave of hackers aiming to sell the channel on the black market and exploit its reach. Thus, the scam has evolved over the months and has basically followed the line where the hacker contacts the Youtuber via email and poses as a game developer who wants to promote their product. If the victim then opens the file (whether it’s a video or a demo of the game), a virus installs on their computer and gives the hacker remote access.

In a statement on the large number of attacks, YouTube says it supports its platform’s creators and helps them recover their accounts. In fact, the platform has also warned users about this practice, which unfortunately has become more common in 2020.

In the specific case of Youtuber Zangado, the company is in direct contact and is helping him. Still, some other big names on the platform have made a big step into the fall.

Zangado has more than 8 million fans considering all his social networks and he is the author of the book Zangado: What it’s like to be a gamer and how I were one. He also works on game voiceovers.

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