Arcane’s Silco becomes TFT champion

Silco of Arcane becomes champion in TFT HomeGamerSilco of Arcane becomes champion in TFT

Silco will be the first non-League of Legends champion in TeamFight Tactics.

With the release of Arcane, an animation that deals with the story of some of the game’s characters, including Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce, Riot achieved another success. The series broke records as the best-rated Netflix series of all time on IMDb. With this quality, it would be impossible for his characters, even those that didn’t exist before, to fall into the audience’s taste. That was the case with Silco, the villain of the season.

Who is Silco?

[Alerta de Spoilers de Arcane]

Silco had a troubled past with Vander and grew to feel even greater resentment when he began taking pacifist measures against Subferia and Piltover. Around the same time, he took over the running of the Lower City and adopted Powder (who would later become Jinx) as his daughter.

The character won the hearts of fans who were torn between hatred for everything he did to the city and some of the characters, and love seeing the way he treated and cared for Jinx. So it’s no surprise Riot decided to add him to their playable character catalog.

LOL’s first independent character

However, Silco makes history by being the first character added to TFT that isn’t straight from League of Legends. All of the other characters had been introduced into the game before, but Riot is already hinting that he won’t be the only one.

And while he’s the first unit outside of League of Legends, more underdogs can join us in the future. Maybe some aren’t even from Runeterra …

Additionally, the announcement also addressed some of the challenges of customizing such a popular character for the game.

Creating a unit as sinister and powerful as Silco wasn’t child’s play, but power doesn’t come to those born stronger, faster, or smarter, but to those with a well-conceived concept in mind.

Silco for TFT

According to the article, Subferia’s boss will begin his convergence journey in February 2022. What other characters would you like to see added to TFT? And what stories would you like to see in the next few seasons of Arcane?

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