Baldur’s Gate III: First screenshots of the game are revealed

Baldur’s Gate III: First Game Screenshots Revealed HomeGamerBaldur’s Gate III: First Game Screenshots Revealed

The first images of the Baldur’s Gate III game have been revealed. Namely, Baldur’s Gate is a classic game that has a legion of fans. The announcement of the third game in the franchise after years has sparked a lot of anticipation in the community.

The game is famous for being one of (if not the) best digital adaptations of a tabletop role-playing game ever made, since it is set in the Forgotten Realms scenario, certainly one of the famous D&D scenarios.

Baldur’s Gate III was announced in 2019, with a very nice CGI teaser, we also had a trailer to see it click here, but so far we haven’t had any gameplay footage. Then, as promised by Larian Studios, several screenshots of the game were released, showing that the essence of the original games seems to have been preserved.

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The isometric camera continues, although the beautiful landscapes and camera angles lead us to believe this may vary. As well as the dialogue choices and all the signature folklore.

The first screenshots of the game are revealed and Baldur’s Gate III has everything fans want

RPG Choices

Set on the continent of Faerûn from the classic Dungeons and Dragons, Baldur’s Gate III promises to repeat and expand on what its predecessors have accomplished so well in the past. Meanwhile, the game tries to recreate the experience of a tabletop or board RPG game in digital media. Which can now get a lot more interesting due to technological advances.

In previous games, connection issues made playing with friends difficult and took away a lot of immersion. However, with current technology, both the game itself and the Internet in general (which is now much faster and more powerful), the shared gaming experience is much more complete.

However, the studio producing the game has changed. Bioware Studio was replaced by Larian Studios, who also produced the excellent game Divinity.

Baldur’s Gate III, which will be available on Stadia and PC, is still planned for 2020, but the date has not yet been determined. So we’re waiting for more news about this game so dear to RPG lovers.

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