Brazil will host official Valorant tournaments

Brazil Hosts Official Valorant Tournaments HomeGamerBrasil Hosts Official Valorant Tournaments

Riot Games announced a series of regional Valorant tournaments to be held in multiple countries including Japan, some European countries and Brazil. Since the launch of the game, the company has already shown interest in exploring the competitive scenario (click here), and given the large audience on Brazilian territory, it’s no surprise that the country is one of the countries chosen to host the event .

According to Riot’s announcement, the event will be called the Ignition Series and will feature championships around the world. It was also announced that this series, which includes two championships, will start on June 19th.

Several Valorant Championships were held during the beta period, however, the Ignition Series will be an official corporate program. The idea is to encourage the scenario and make room for the emergence of teams and players able to stand out in the middle.

“[a série de ignição é] an official Riot Affiliate Program that will highlight select tournaments each week, helping the public discover new talented players and building a global reputation for VALORANT teams and professional players.”

Partnerships have been established with more than 20 esports organizations from around the world to host these events. In this sense, each of them, through their experiences, will create their own special tournament in the series that Riot will publish on its official channels.

In addition to the partnerships already concluded, the company is still looking for partners for other events. The idea is to promote several championships by spring.

In addition, new information must be shared through the page dedicated to the Ignition series.

Valorant had released its final version for PC on June 2nd, to download the game click here.

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