CBLOL: Discover the “LOUD Effect”

CBLOL: Discover the “LOUD Effect” HomeGamerCBLOL: Discover the “LOUD Effect”

The “LOUD effect” is coming to League of Legends and today we’re going to show you how it already works in the scenario.


LOUD is a well-known organization in the esports scene and very strong in Free Fire. However, his trademark is that he gets a lot of attention everywhere, works very well with his influencers and has a huge and passionate following. Thus, this organization has arrived with everything in CBLOL and has everything to make an impact on the competition.

LOUD was the first esports organization in the world to reach 1 billion views on YouTube. Additionally, it has 15 major influencers so far working hard to boost the brand, which is one of the company’s most successful visibility strategies.

As soon as LOUD was announced for CBLOL 2021, many already pointed out that it could go strong, given its great presence in Free Fire and Fortnite. When the team’s promotions really came, it was a big hit! The influencer and streamer Bianca “Thaiga” Lula alone brought more than 3 million followers to Instagram in record time.

The Team – CBLOL 2021

As one of the 10 teams of CBLOL 2021, LOUD started hiring and created a complete line-up and technical commission from scratch, which is rare in this scenario. On the other hand, it is pointed out by some of the most relevant teams in the scenario that it is a team to beat, the size is the investment and the pressure that this movement causes.

In the composition of the team there are DudsTheBoy and Ceos in the bot lane, the two champions of the first phase of CBLOL in 2020 by KAbum; In addition, LOUD also has Tay, dyNquedo and Don Arts as reinforcements, and Don comes from Germany to play at the Jäger position and be a great highlight at the EU Masters.

While they were being hired, all players’ social networks had absurd increases, although content production was not their primary function.

But not only the front of the team is set up. A whole group of professionals is already working to help players so that LOUD can compete against any team already established in League of Legends.

13 other professionals are initially working behind the scenes of the team:

  • Team management and maintenance: Felipe Cabral (Head of Esports), Arthur Santos (Psychologist), Jéssica Lilian (Manager) and Vitor Kenji (Physiotherapist)
  • CBLoL Operation: Crowe (Head Coach, ex-Keyd), RafaP (Strategic Coach, ex-Falkol) and Piroxz (Analyst, ex-Redemption)
  • Academy Operation: Loreviz (Head Coach, ex-LOUD FF), K0ga (Strategic Coach, ex-Havan Liberty) and Samyy (Analyst, ex-Rensga)
  • General support and analysis: Sávio Santos (data analyst), jUc (positional coach, ex-INTZ) and Riyev (positional coach, ex-Falkol)

team presentation

As with all this structure, it’s clear that the company hasn’t skimped on its presentations either. LOUD used “funk pomp” style clips and influencers to introduce their players. Impossible not to draw attention!

Now just waiting to see these beasts on the battlefield!

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