Doom: The story of the game that is a reference for current shooting games.

Doom: The story of the game that is a reference for current shooting games. HomeGamerDoom: The story of the game that is a reference for today’s shooting games.

Doom: The story of the game, which is a reference for current shooters, has aged very well, it’s been more than 20 years and it’s more alive than ever, and in 2020 Doom Eternal will continue the story of the Doom reboot of 2016 since this being the greatest reference for shooters of all time. The new game will be released in March 2020, and due to the new 10-minute gameplay released for fans, we decided to talk a little about the plot of the classic 90’s game, which because there is none Lots of explanations for the game, it’s quite possible that you don’t know its history, so today we’re going to get to know the history of the game Doom. So hold on to travel to hell.

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Introduction to Doom

In the game, we start out as a space marine whose name is never mentioned, which really makes the player feel into the character. He is deported to Mars for misconduct after he shot his superior when he was trying to force him to shoot unarmed innocent civilians.

On the new planet, the Marine is forced to work for the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC), a group of companies experimenting with teleportation between the moons of Mars, Phobos, and Deimos. Eventually something goes wrong and demons come out of the portals and invade the stations. A team of marines are sent to investigate the situation, but they are attacked and killed, except for one… you.

Your mission is to get out of this hell alive and this is where the game begins. Take a look at the gameplay to add to the Doom 1993 nostalgia.

The first scenario: Phobos

The game was divided into three episodes, each with 9 missions. The first episode takes place on the high tech military base in Phobos and starts with the first mission called Knee-Deep In The Dead in which the character has to escape from the base alive and face all sorts of demons that come out of the teleportation portals. . Of course, the difficulty is enormous, but oddly enough, our hero is just as difficult to bring down as his enemies.

So, in order to complete the episode, you have to face two (Barons of Hell) in an epic battle, and if you manage to emerge victorious, the hero will enter one of the portals on the way to the second moon of Mars, Deimos.

The second scenario: Deimos

The second episode is called The Shores Of Hell and in it we find the Deimos base which has a beastly alien architecture but is completely devastated. There you will fight hordes of demons and face another great challenge, Cyberdemon, a demon with one mechanical leg and one arm. [que é na verdade uma bazuca].

The fight is very hard and in the end it is revealed that this moon actually revolves around Hell itself and that humans accessed Hell itself through experimentation with the teleportation portals. Seeing no salvation, our hero descends into hell himself to destroy the leader of the invasion.

Third scenario, hell

The last episode couldn’t be any other, Hell. In this third scenario, our protagonist will be put to the test for the last time, going straight to the spirit that orchestrated the invasion of the portals on Mars. He then finds Spider Mastermind (a brain with cybernetic paws and an attached minigun) with whom he fights to the end, and after defeating the boss a portal opens with the following inscription: “proven too tough for hell.” to contain them”, in free translation “They have proved too strong for Hell”, and this portal will take you back home, thus ending the story of the Doom game.

The story of the game continues with: Doom Eternal.

With a simple story but incredibly well executed in both narrative and gameplay, Doom was responsible for countless multiplayer shooters to come over the decades. There were a few more reboots and the last one, in 2016, drew attention with nostalgia and legitimate fun. Now, with the sequel Doom Enernal, we delve deeper into this dark and thought-provoking world.

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