Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: The Told Story of the Z Warriors.

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot tells the story of the legendary Super Saiyan Goku and his friends. The ultimate Z Warriors game.

nostalgic scenes

Bandai Namco, together with CyberConnect2, released the game that retells the classic fighting anime Dragon Ball Z with a great narrative and with the iconic fights that are absolutely well crafted, capable of attracting new fans and delighting the most loyal ones.

Some moments can bore some fans of the saga because they are very faithful to the original work, even with some scenes adapted differently and with some monotonous dialogues that cannot be skipped, just having to watch the same scene for the thousandth time.

The way the story was told is one of the best points of the game. Besides giving a lot of pleasure to the fans, it can generate interest for those who want to join the saga because of the dynamic way in which the story is told and the scenes are very captivating, in addition to the very detailed effects – and overdone, but still beautiful -.

Different activities to do

The game is not just about fighting, the player feels fully immersed in various activities and activities from fishing to betting on a race against time in a car and preparing dishes that restore the character’s life vast universe of the saga immersed.

There are also side quests, but they’re fairly linear, usually involving searching for items – which usually require you to search the entire map to find a carrot – defending yourself somewhere from invaders most of the time, and a character to fight.

In addition to the items that can be collected on the map, such as B. Z Bullets used to improve attacks and also D Medals, they are used to learn new moves for the character you want and they are not only designed by them.

Summon Shenron and get rich

The 7 Dragon Balls can be collected on the map at certain times in the game. When they are collected, the player can make some requests to Shenron such as: ask for Z-Orbs, be rich, rare items and even choose a boss to fight.

In some parts of Dragon Ball Z’s Kakarot map, you’ll find photos reminiscent of some moments from the classic Dragon Ball when Goku was just a kid. It happens in a very harmonious way, whether you’re moving to a main mission or collecting Z-Orbs throughout the game. As characters are discovered, a specific character’s emblem is earned and it can be entered into the “Community Forum”. There are leaders and some types of communities, for example: Goku is the leader of the Z Warriors community just like the other communities have their respective leaders.

Each character can bond with the other emblems in the community forum and this can give certain community benefits, increase certain attributes, favor certain events, extra XP and other improvements during the adventure.

The combat system is fun and satisfying.

With the RPG system present in the game, each character has their own level, which ends up being more annoying when facing higher level characters. Before the fight, eating certain foods can increase some stats permanently or just for a few minutes, giving you an advantage in a tough fight.

It is also possible to place skills learned through training in the skill palette and equip life potions, in addition to food that can be prepared before battle to face the most dangerous enemies in the Dragon Ball Z universe.

Putting together a group of 3 members at specific times is pretty fun. Equipping the skills you want them to use in battle assist can be very helpful in battle, whether it’s to stun the enemy, help with damage calculation, or team combination

Any transformation can be used after learning it, from Kaioken to Super Saiyan 3. The transformations can be combined with a classic kind of “berserk mode”, temporarily making the character extremely powerful.

In addition to the fact that the scenarios are very faithful to the original, in some moments the quality decreases absurdly, as do the general expressions when you are in the game. The cutscenes are exceptional, especially in Goku’s first transformation into SS1 during the fight against Frieza.

Some fights are quite impressive at times, but unfortunately after a while they become very repetitive and less challenging, especially when you can carry tons of healing items into battle that take the suffocating feeling out of combat.

I finished the game with 28 hours of gameplay, skipped some side quests and only developed a couple of characters. The main campaign was very deep and a lot of fun because the story was well crafted, the narrative always kept to the point without being too rambling, and of course there were previews that brought a smile to your face as you watched them received a nostalgic “spoiler” of what’s in the upcoming Z Warriors saga.

The game key was made available by Bandai Namco for the Steam platform on PC.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot was released on January 17, 2020, developed by CyberConnect2 and distributed by Bandai Namco. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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