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Finally, the first Playstation 5 gameplay was released, and to the delight of gamer audiences, it impressed.

The video came from Epic Games who wanted to demonstrate their beautiful new Unreal Engine 5 that will serve many new generation games. The highlight, however, was that the gameplay took place on a Playstation 5, everything went straight and without edits (or so they say).

The video begins with a presentation from Graphics Director Brian Karis and Art Director Jerome Platteaux, who continue to comment on the gameplay. According to them, the technologies used should have an effect on the immersion of the users, with the first highlight being the lighting.

Real dynamic lighting.

Probably the most impressive thing about the gameplay is the extremely realistic lighting behavior, which continuously adapts to the movement of objects in the scenery. In addition, it also adapts itself to movement, offering a depth and immersion that has hardly been matched in previous generation games. This technology was called Lumen.

infinite number of polygons

The second most impressive aspect was the quality of the textures presented. Earth, stone, cloth, according to Brian and Jerome, everything is extremely detailed. This is possible due to the amount of polygons present on the screen, which allows you to create textures in real time, which combined with Lumen lighting technology gives an exceptionally realistic and beautiful effect.

Elements that talk to each other (goodbye hair entering the body)

Another thing that was very obvious was the technology that allows the particles to communicate. This mechanic allows birds, leaves, and other objects to collide with each other, which doesn’t typically happen in games. With this technology, the scenes will now be much more realistic, so we will no longer have that horrible situation where objects such as long hair and fabrics of clothing penetrate parts of the characters’ bodies (those who have played Tomb Raider know exactly how it is is).

Also, a variation on this collision technology is that the engine can now predict the behavior of characters’ feet and hands. This way, when they touch something, the movement becomes more fluid and realistic, reducing the feeling of false footsteps.

Another improved point was the sound system, which allows for reverberations, echoes and a much greater depth of the environment perceived through listening.

In summary, the presentation was small, but it showed that the Playstation 5 and the new Unreal Engine from Epic Games perform well, developing tools aimed at allowing the creation of games and the insertion of 3D models of very high quality facilitate and prioritize immersion above all.

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