Free Fire: Teams are banned from the championship for using Hack

Free Fire: Teams will be banned in Championships for using Hack HomepageGamerFree Fire: Teams will be banned in Championships for using Hack

This Wednesday (30th) India Championship 2020 disqualified two teams from their Free Fire Championship for using Hack.

Free Fire Hack

During the event, the championship organization accused players RC-AngreyBird (from Route Changers) and SS-RAHUL18 (from Soar Silently) of using illegal in-game utilities. In this respect, the hack allegation led to the disqualification of both teams.

On the other hand, Soar Silently denied what happened, claiming that there were problems with the calculation and that they were sure the players in question didn’t use any kind of hack. The team still requested further proof of the fact, but the organization denied it.

On social media, the team commented on the difficulty of being a small team and how they have no voice in such situations. At the same time, they complained about being treated differently because they had no opportunity to object. It was also claimed that the players on the disqualified teams were humiliated because of what happened.

Also, Soar Silently’s rep added in the same post, “We are 100% sure our teammate SS-RAHUL18 didn’t hack” and “Just because we’re not a known team, they [Garena] They didn’t even listen to us and mentally tortured the two teams.”

It’s not like the eSports world has suffered from allegations of hacks in championships. Several influencers and fans have claimed that the shortage is common and that something needs to be done.

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