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Find out more about how the world of games works, their players pay in cryptocurrencies and the virtual currency market grow.

Cryptocurrencies and games have come together in the past few months to create a new but long-awaited phenomenon in technology: paying gamblers as electronic currencies. This facility allows players to make real profits through their performance in their favorite games. Such an action can lead to crypto projects adding even more importance to this model in order to further promote their currency.

What are cryptocurrencies

To understand this new possibility and why this movement works so well it is necessary to explain what cryptocurrencies are.

“Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic money. It is a decentralized digital currency without a single central bank or administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries. “

Bitcoin portal definition

All of this is powered by blockchain technology, which makes each currency unique.


Blockchain is responsible for making cryptocurrencies work so well as it makes every item unique and simulates what exists in physical currencies and even the value of gold, such as scarcity. In an objective summary, blockchain creates a public document that cannot be duplicated. In this way, every action is marked and can be checked by all users without this change being deleted. This validates and recognizes the creation of any new currency worldwide, just like a real dollar bill, even without a single bank controlling it. This means that control over this currency is public.

The big problem is how to validate these pieces, assign a value, and that happens every time a real money transaction occurs. This is why the entry into the world of games is so valid, because every time a fraction of a digital currency is traded, it gains in real value.

Which games use digital currencies?

Not only are bitcoins in the digital world, there are several virtual currencies in existence and according to research, 9 of the 15 most popular currencies are in electronic games. This causes the interest in games that use these currencies to increase sharply, resulting in more validation of the currency, which increases interest in the game. In other words, a vicious circle.

(CS: GO) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This model has grown a lot and has even hit great games like the classic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). ZEBEDEE, a Bitcoin startup, has launched a server for the game on which players are paid for their performance in BTC (Bitcoin). That adds a lot more excitement to the games and increases player interest. However, in order to enter the server, the player pays a real money amount in order to have the right to “bet”. From there the game unfolds.

(CS: GO) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

There is still a project for servers that players don’t have to pay for as the cost is borne by sponsors. Since the demand for this version was very high, it is possible that this will not last long.

Axie infinity

This game has become a phenomenon. It has a gameplay that is very reminiscent of Pokemon in that the player trains little monsters in it and brings them to battle, but all with real money rewards! To play Axie Infinity you need to set up a digital wallet and buy at least 3 Axies (play money). However, that alone costs about 6 thousand reais. To learn more, watch the trailer by clicking here.

Axie infinity

Spells of Genesis

This is a game that combines elements of arcade games with card games (TCG), which is a collection of decks that require strategy and all use blockchain. The idea of ​​Spells of Genesis is to build stronger decks and compete against other players to explore the fantasy realm of Askian. In this way, the player progresses in stages and earns rewards, which he can exchange for tokens. Also, the player can sell these items or exchange them for cash at the end of the day. Watch the trailer by clicking here.

Spells of Genesis


This is a game for those who like fantasy worlds and RPG. LiteBringer based its development entirely on blockchain technology, so every action in the game is a small transaction in the system. So every time you play, you create more Litecoins, the cryptocurrency used in the game, and generate a complex system for creating characters and items. Also, it is possible to sell these items for real money so that if the player acts wisely, they can make a lot of profit. To see the trailer, click here.


These are some of the games that use cryptocurrencies and where it is possible to profit while playing. It’s a very interesting approach as more games are created with blockchain and crypto transactions every time.

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