Genshin Impact: 5 foolproof tips to boost your game well

Genshin Impact: 5 foolproof tips to improve your game well HomeGamerGenshin Impact: 5 foolproof tips to improve your game well

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, some reckless settings can easily delay your development. That is why today we are going to give you the “Paths of the Stones” so that you can advance as quickly as possible.

The major challenge that the game requires is juggling to distribute between characters the limited resources it has, such as weapons, artifacts, etc. In this way, it is not difficult for the player to try to use multiple characters and Develop weapons to the maximum level and end up without any raw materials. That’s why we’re going to highlight 5 practices that will give you the most resources to create powerful characters and items.

Harz – the mission of every day.

Think of resin as a kind of fuel that gives us access to missions. In order to get XP and items necessary for the development of our characters and weapons, we have a maximum of 120 resins in total and we regenerate one every 8 minutes. Therefore, there is a limit to our evolution, because without resin we will not get rewards for missions.


It’s possible to buy resins by spending key gems or consuming a charge, but it’s not worth it as gems are rarer than resins. So the tip is: do not leave the resin at the maximum or you will lose resources. Also, don’t insist too much when they run out. Your daily mission should be to spend the 120 you have well and come back when you are about to collect the most.

Paimon’s Bargain Shop, this is where you should spend it.


Many players spend Stardust and Starshine to get Familiar Fates and Tangled Fates with the aim of giving away characters and weapons. But be careful! It’s valid from time to time, but their real value is in spending them at Paimon’s Bargain Shop. There you can buy items and characters directly without having to rely on luck! This is very good as it gives you better control over how you spend your resources.

Weekly bosses, don’t miss them.


This tip is very simple. There are weekly bosses that bring many good items, some of which are the wolf Andrius and the dragon Sormterror. They will be released over time and once that is done they will be revived every Monday at 4:00am. They cost 60 resin to fight, but each one is worth it. Though strong, the creatures can be defeated by memorizing their moves. So just keep trying and never let the week go by without beating them.

Battle Pass Quests.

battle pass

After Rank 20, the Battle Pass will be unlocked for the player, which are missions that last about a month and have 50 tiers of rewards. The missions consist of a wide variety of actions, such as B. killing multiple enemies, picking up multiple fruits, and so on. Also, they don’t give XP, but they do give you various items that will help you progress in Genshin Impact. This is something simple that you will eventually do throughout the game, and it will yield a ton of resources without you even realizing it.

More powerful artifacts.


Artifacts are one of the most interesting ways to make your characters powerful. The more artifacts the better, and the higher the level the better! However, you should understand that the dropped artifacts are mostly related to your level. That is, the higher the level, the stronger they are. So before you try to farm as much as possible, try to increase your adventure rank a lot. And don’t worry if you don’t find the strongest items, they will come with your level.

Another tip is to use a monster map that shows where bosses that give artifacts are. The page has no translation but is easy to understand, click here.

These were the 5 tips for you who want to progress well in Genshin Impact. By following what is written in this article, you can have a lot more resources without making some mistakes that will delay your development.

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