HOPE is the champion team of the LBE: Phase Brothers

HOPE is the Champion Team of the LBE: Phase Brotherss HomeGamerHOPE is the Champion Team of the LBE: Phase Brotherss

This Saturday (11th) saw the finals of the LBE League of Legends Championship: Fase Brotherss (Brazilian E-Sports League), in which Black Knights Hope was consecrated as the winning team. In a well contested Best of 5, Hope managed to defeat UP Capybaras Esports and surprised many people.

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HOPE’s trajectory at LBE: Brothers’ phase

In the group stage, HOPE competed in Group A and at that stage was defeated only by Carregado’s Pelo Pulga, a team that also reached the finals. On the other hand, her win against Os Piá do Largo and Tilt Kings E-Sports. qualified for the quarterfinals.

During the Quarterfinals, Black Knight Hope faced Team REEEEEEEEEEEEE who, while also one of the favorites in contention, couldn’t prevent them from securing their place in the LBE Semifinals by winning two of the three games in this stage .

In the semi-finals, Black Knights Hope met FG Esports in a best-of-5 (MD5) and qualified undefeated with 3 wins to 0.


Due to the recommended quarantine to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the finals of LBE: Phase Brothers took place online. Although the event was not in-person, there were RP raffles between games, as well as several excited viewers interacting via chat.

Also the final was very divided between Hope and UP and we can say that they saw very exciting matches.

Black Knights Hope x UP Capybaras Esports

Unlike the previous game, HOPE did not have an easy win over UP Capybaras. The opposing team was considered one of the favorites in the dispute, which led to a very close game.

First of all, Black Knights Hope did well in completing the objectives and getting a higher number of kills in the first two MD5 games. With 22 to 11 kills in the first and 29 to 9 in the second, the team managed to go 2 games to 0 against UP Capybaras with just one win left to be considered champions of the LBE: Phase Brotherss.

However, in the third game, UP reacted and managed to pressure Hope by winning the next two games, resulting in a tie.

Thus, the last game of MD5 was crucial, so both teams had to do their best to win. And in that moment, Black Knight Hope once again showed what she came for. The game started out with very fierce fighting, but Hope managed to stand out by defeating consecutive Dragons, Herald, and Baron, eventually claiming victory.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Hope won the First Blood of every match in this MD5.

The master

Here’s how 3 out of 16 teams battling for the championship stood out as Phase Brothers champions, winning the following award:

1st place: Black Knights Hope – R$600.00 (six hundred reais)

2nd place: UP Capybaras E-Sports – R$300.00 (three hundred reais)

3rd place: Carregados Pelo Pulga – R$100.00 (one hundred reais)

To find out more about LBE: Fase Brothers and the journey of the winning teams, read the article or follow the championship’s official Instagram.

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