Intel Introduces Completes 12th Generation Desktop Processor Collection

Intel Launch Completes 12th Generation Desktop Processor Collection HomeGeneral Intel Launch Completes 12th Generation Desktop Processor Collection

During CES 2022, Intel announced 22 more Alder Lake S chips that will close its desktop processor lineup. The company is already consolidating itself as one of the best gaming processors and should establish itself even further with these new products.

Features and models

In addition to the existing Alder Lake models Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K and Core i5-12600K, Intel has released 22 other chips. They all have multipliers locked so overclocking with a multiplier is not an option. However, overclocking the memory is still allowed on all models.

The new chips are also of two types, the more complete with integrated graphics and the simpler without graphics, as it is an F-series model and is cheaper. However, all of these chips share the same standards as the K-series processors and support features such as DDR4-3200 and DDR5-4800 memory, as well as PCIe 4.0 and 5.0 interfaces.

12th generation Intel processors

High and mid range models

The high-end models include the Core i9-12900 and the Core i7-12700, which are almost identical to the processors of the K series and are characterized by the lower clock rate of 65 W PBP / TDP. The K series reach 125W . In addition, Intel has also reduced the Maximum Turbo Power (MTP) of both, which is now 39W on the i9 and 10W on the i7. Even so, the two new chips have E-cores and other K-series benefits. Despite the lower performance and lower energy consumption, these new chips present themselves as a great option and even cheaper than the other category (i9 costs around $ 489 or R $ 2,771.65 and the i7 costs around $ 339 or R 1921.45 $.

In addition to this, Intel also released the i5-12400 which has 12 threads, six cores and great performance. As such, it’s the most sought-after by gamers and should cost around $ 192 (about R $ 1,088), but the price varies by model and ranges from $ 167 (about R $ 946.56) with a Core i5 12400F up to about $ 223 with the Core i5-12600.

Low standard models

The line did not disappoint with the i3 either. Although they don’t have e-cores, they have four performance cores and eight threads with the Intel UHD Graphics 730. The price ranges from 97 US dollars (approx. R $ 549.80) for the Core i3-12100F to 143 US dollars (about R $ 810.52). for the Core i3-12300.

For the simplest models, Intel has launched the Pentium Gold G7400 and Celeron G600 options, which have dual-core and four threads, in addition to a UHD Graphics 710 graphics chip, which has more limitations than the others. Their cost is approximately $ 64 (R $ 362.75) or $ 42 (R $ 238.06).

T series

12th Generation Intel Processors (T Series)

Intel also announced a line of T-series processors aimed at ultra-compact systems such as HTPCs and those with passive cooling. They are available in a number of possible configurations and have a TDP of 35 W.

With this new version, it can be said that Intel now has processors for every taste. Which one best suits your needs? Tell us

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