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The LBE: Fase Brothers (League Brasileira de E-Sports) will play their semi-finals next weekend, April 4th and 5th. The League of Legends Amateur Championship is nearing its final sprint and the teams that will be fighting for the top spot have already been determined.

With a total prize pool of R$1,000.00, first place will receive R$600.00 (six hundred reais), while second and third place will receive R$300.00 (three hundred reais) and R$100.00 (one hundred reais) respectively have to.

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The finalist teams

Among the 16 teams that took part in the championship, four stood out and reached the semi-finals:

carried by the flea

The Carregados Pelo Pulga team was formed to compete in the LBE: Fase Brothers. Despite having little time, the Group A team qualified undefeated and won all the games they took part in.

In the group stage, Carregado’s Pelo Pulga won the teams Os Piá do Largo, Black Knight HOPE and Tilt Kings E-Sports. As a result, the team qualified for the Quarterfinals in a best-of-three where they faced the Cooldown Esports team and again emerged victorious by 2 games to 0.

Carregado’s pelo pulga is then classified for the semifinals and battles with the UP Capybaras team for their place in the LBE finals.

UP capybaras

Positivo University Representative UP Capybaras was created to compete in the League of Legends University Championships scenario. Also at LBE: Phase Brotherss, the team fought to reach the semi-finals of Group B and also qualified undefeated.

During the group stage, UP Capybaras played against Unicuritiba White, Alien 8 and UFPR Angry Sharks and accumulated wins against opposing teams. UP secured their position in the semifinals, facing Team Tacadores de Ignite, who won two of the three quarterfinals matches.

With just one loss in the best-of-three, UP still have a good chance of gaining a good position down this final straight, but they will have to beat the still undefeated Carregados Pelo Pulga to do so.

Black Knight Hope

Black Knight Hope joined LBE: Phase Brotherss to put their skills to the test and win the title. Like Carregado’s Pelo Pulga, HOPE competed in Group A.

Thus, in the group stage, HOPE only lost to the other team that also qualified for the quarterfinals, Carregados Pelo Pulga. While it was victorious in the contest against Os Piá do Largo and Tilt Kings E-Sports, it got its place in the next stage of the competition.

In the quarterfinals, Black Knight Hope faced team REEEEEEEEEEEEE who, while also one of the favorites in contention, couldn’t prevent them from securing their place in the LBE semifinals. In a tight contest, HOPE won two of the three games of this phase.

As a result, the team plays with FG E-Sports in the semifinals to try and win their place in the championship finals.

FG Esports

Another college team that makes the semifinals is FG E-Sports. Representing the Guairaca College of Guarapuava-PR, FG was formed in 2019 and has competed in a number of championships prior to LBE: Fase Brothers. Playing in Group C, the team also secured their place in the group stage after winning every game.

Therefore, during the group stage, FG E-Sports won the teams Tacadores de Ignite, UFPR Burning Bunnies and Kings of War. As a result, she qualified for the quarterfinals against Alien8. In a best-of-three, FG won back-to-back matches against their rivals to secure their place in the semifinals.

In this sense, FG E-Sports meets Black Knight Hope in the semi-finals and thus contests its place in the finals of the Brazilian E-Sports League.

Now that you know the teams and their journey through the championship, do you know who you’ll be cheering for? Follow the championship, which takes place every weekend, online on Twitch. You can also follow the results of the matches and other information via the official LBE social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube).

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