League of Legends Charity Championship raises BRL125,000

League of Legends Charity Championship raises BRL 125,000 HomeGamerLeague of Legends Benefit Championship raises BRL 125,000

The initiative to create a charitable League of Legends championship, launched by the Baiano streamer, raised R$125,000 and was an absolute success. CBolão, as it was called, gathered more than 100,000 spectators at the same time, in addition to a large number of e-sports celebrities! Also, the event surpassed major professional events taking place at the same time.


Cbolão was the most commented event on Brazilian Twitter

The championship took place last weekend between March 20th and 22nd with the proposal to make up for the lack of CBLOL and Circuitão, which are on hiatus due to the pandemic. At the same time, CBolão was also detained to collect funds for the fight against Covid-19.

The expectation was to raise R$50,000 but the target was quickly exceeded. The final was between Team brTT (RPG) and Team Robo (EXNB), with the latter named as the grand champion.

cbolão teams

Several esports athletes and personalities attended the event

The event made a huge impact, ranking in the top 1 of Brazilian Twitter and fourth in the world. The irreverence of the presenters Baiano, Mylon and Toboco was crucial in keeping the audience engaged. In addition, they changed the rules of the championship when they found it interesting, forcing players to adapt and imposing penalties, which at the same time caused revolt and very funny moments.


Baiano, the creator of Cbolão, always with a smile on his face

C Bolão showed how the community can create something good for society. The creation of a League of Legends Charity Championship was an initiative of individuals and this initiative infected several other people and created a chain of solidarity that will be featured in the scenario.

So while all big corporate actions were dwindling, some proponents of the scenario thought it was time to roll up their sleeves and make it happen, and it worked, both socially and financially.

To watch CBolão’s matches, visit Baiano’s Youtube channel by clicking here.

And for more championships also taking place during this time of pandemic, click here.

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