League of Legends: What is it? How to play? and other facts about LoL

League of Legends: What is it? How to play? and other facts about LoL HomeGamerLeague of Legends: What is it? How to play? and other facts about LoL

League of Legends, or simply LoL, is not alien to those who are already part of the world of online gaming. With constant updates, the combat platform is gaining supporters every day, and this community has made the game one of the most competitive sports on the market today.

The accessibility of online games is also a very important factor in the popularity of LoL. The game is available for Windows and Mac, online and totally free with different levels and skills. Another very important point for fans is the ability to take command of champions, super strong characters and incredible magical abilities.

The game is full of mysteries and intrigue, has its own slang and even a national fighting championship. To know all the secrets of this world and prepare for your first battles, follow this special guide created exclusively by Brotherss!

Let’s start with the basics: what is LoL?

what is league legends

Although LoL is a well-known acronym in English vocabulary, it still raises doubts in the gaming world. These three letters are nothing but the acronym for League of Legends, a game that has a world full of fantasy, bloody battles and lots of magic as a backdrop.

This entire environment was designed by American producer Riot Games in October 2009. Inspired by the maps of the equally famous DotA, the platform features two battlefields where 3 players are assigned to the Twisted Treeline team and 5 to the Summoners Rift.

Summoner witches are the players’ representation and each of them has the power to bring their champions to the battlefield, which can be soldiers, mages or assassins, it all depends on their game strategy. Some services like weaker soldiers, defensive towers and inhibitors are also available to the player.

The ultimate goal of battles in LoL is to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus, and this goal is achieved by eliminating all attacking components. In search of reinforcements in various spells, equipment and special abilities, online role-playing game captivates players and requires many invested hours.

Never played LoL? Check out some oddities

League Legends Trivia

The experience during LoL matches can be completely different for beginners and pros, but one thing is always for sure, the fun during the matches is guaranteed. Some curiosities can provide unmissable news during battles, let’s take a look?

Some players start their League of Legends journey worrying about finding a favorite champion, but this habit isn’t necessarily a must. Each of the 150+ heroes currently available has a unique feature, explore the possibilities as long as you need to fully learn them.

An absolute truth about the world of gaming is that it takes practice to progress. Battles in LoL can last for many hours, and at first they may even seem tiring, but the effort of dedicating at least an hour a day to your summoner is always compensated by newly acquired skills.

Observing is also a great way to learn new in-game skills. So don’t forget to include the online competition calendar in your schedule. Official tournaments like CBLoL (Brazilian League of LoL) are a great opportunity to expand your playing style.

It’s time for your first game: where to start?

how to play league legends

It might seem pretty obvious, but a few tips can be important so that you can start your practice in LoL as efficiently as possible. In this first moment it is common for some players to ignore the tutorials, but they are essential for a better understanding of the platform and its capabilities in general.

Many players don’t consider it important to train their anti-AI skills before actually entering combat, but this habit can completely change your perception of the game. Take this time to meet champions, explore abilities, maps and locations.

Another way that can transform your first exposure to the game is to take advantage of the training resources that the League of Legends platform itself offers to its players. It offers the player complete freedom to add different amounts of gold, add or remove characters, change champion levels and much more!

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