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Today we have put together a guide for you in which you will learn how you can earn Bitcoin with CS: GO with little investment but a lot of skill.

We wrote an article on games that pay players in cryptocurrencies and listed some of the many games. But there is one thing we are particularly familiar with, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The ZEBEDEE company created servers that players could play on by betting small amounts of bitcoin. That is why today we are going to explain exactly how to start playing real game. It’s not very difficult, but be careful.

What is needed

  • Create a wallet on ZBD.
  • Download the ZEBEDEE extension to your desktop.
  • Buy an in-game bitcoin worth.
  • Play well now it’s worth the money.

The entire game takes place on Steam itself, the player only has to search the ZEBEDEE servers. Thus, the movement after creating the account is very fluid and the player can withdraw the money at any time, for example by using the same functions of a Pix. Then he can convert the winnings into cash or buy other items in CS: GO himself. The idea is that you wager an amount on every game, form a cake with all the players, and win or lose bitcoins depending on your performance.

You can download the ZEBEDEE app by clicking here. It’s available for both Android and IOS, and creating your account is no secret. The app is very intuitive and easy to find. However, to start the game you need to invest some amounts that are different from most games that use cryptocurrencies, as the amounts are much lower, no more than what is paid in a League of Legends skin, for example.

ZEBEDEE promotional video

After following these steps, you will need to download Infuse to your desktop in order to play CS: GO. It’s available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Then download the ZEBEDEE extension for your browser to allow the account to be linked to the game.

weekly events

There are weekly events organized on the company’s Discord that are used by the players to form complete teams. In addition, there are also games that are supported by platform sponsors that do not require any money to be deposited. According to the company, this action should become increasingly routine. The monetized sessions are divided into three types: deathmatch mode, competitive mode, and survival mode.

Deathmatch mode

In this mode, the player pays an entry fee that is added to a general amount. Then when the game starts, your positive statuses add bitcoins and subtract your negative ones, all in real time. As mentioned earlier, the player can redeem the money at any time after the game.

Competition mode

In this mode, the player also adds an entry that adds up to a total amount so that two teams fight in a classic bomb-laying style of play. There are 30 rounds in total and the team that wins in the end wins the entire amount of Bitcoin that is shared among the players.

Survival mode

In this mode, your money is your life, meaning if you eliminate players or score points you will gain extra lives and if you get hit you will lose that life, if it goes to zero you will leave the game. You can collect coins to earn bonuses.

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