LOL: Harassment allegations mark CBLOL’s return in 2021

LOL: Harassment allegations mark the return of CBLOL 2021 HomeGamerLOL: Harassment allegations mark the return of CBLOL 2021

On the eve of the launch of CBLOL, multiple allegations of harassment against professional players and even commentators of the event are shaking the structures of the Brazilian esports scenario.

On January 5, 2021, the general public received a number of reports of allegations of harassment involving League of Legends professionals. Issues such as abusive behavior and sexual harassment have been brought to light and three personalities have been uncovered through complaints.

Tinowns: Abuse, aggression, and possessive jealousy

According to Thays Toelo, Tinown’s ex-girlfriend, the player would have been extremely possessive towards her, which consequently led to a very troubled relationship.

The young man was working at KaBuM at the time. Currently Tinowns is a pro player at PaiN Gaming in the role of mid laner.

Follow the story of Thays

“[…] when he found out i smoke and drink he told me it was embarrassing and he would never imagine being with someone who did or how it took him a long time to reply because he was in college and he argued with me because he thought I was cheating on him […]. He used to put me down, saying he was ashamed to be with me, that I freaked out because I asked if he had spoken to anyone, etc.

“He was suspicious of all my friends, the only people I spoke to were two friends he knew because they lived with me, I walked away from everyone, I couldn’t speak to any friends because he cursed me and asked if I wanted to have sex with one of them that I’m crazy and would never find someone who loves me like he does.”

“He woke me up screaming and shaking me and asking what it was but he swore I had stayed with him (friend), I had proof I was at home, a conversation I had with a friend on Skype, because we were playing together but he thinks i asked my friend to fake the conversation so it doesn’t look like i went to the boy. He pressured me to say I cheated on him, he cursed me for everything, bitch, bitch, that I’m worthless, that he doesn’t know why he’s with me. He went berserk and squeezed my thigh so hard it made me tingle and asked why I wouldn’t admit I cheated on him. He then threw my phone at the wall which broke into several pieces, telling me to leave or he would get me out of the GH. I was in a city where I knew nothing and nobody, there was no Uber then and I didn’t have the money to drive anywhere until a friend convinced him to stay in the house and sleep in another room. “

Pronunciation of tinowns

Commenting on the ex-girlfriend’s statement, the player stated that everything was true except for the aggression and psychological abuse. Tinowns confirmed in a statement released live that their relationship was very strained:

β€œShe is very right to reveal this to everyone. I didn’t give a fuck about her, I was 14 years old, very young. My apologies to you Thays, at no point did I mean to abuse you mentally let alone physically that is something I will not accept, you say I abused you mentally because it didn’t happen.”

paiN Gaming has commented on the claim that it is pursuing the case and that appropriate action will be taken, including before the law if necessary.

Flamengo Esports coach Kake has been accused of harassment

The Flamengo Esports coach has been accused of harassment against several players. The complaint uncovered several conversations in which Kake asks for nudes (intimate photos) for gamers, including some minors. However, after some professional players refused, the coach would have blackmailed them and forced them to take private lessons at a price of R$ 100.00 with the penalty of losing their places.

Marcos Lacerda’s testimony and private conversations in which Kake allegedly molested the young people follow.

As soon as the case was exposed and more people confirmed what had happened, Flamengo spoke up and announced Kake’s resignation, making it clear that he rejects any kind of harassment.

He is accused of abuse and stalking

The situation began when tattoo artist Daniela published conversations reporting sexual abuse by Caster Mit, who works at CBLOL. Following the allegation, streamer Kyure also shared her story, which went in the same direction.

According to Kyure, at the turn of the year 2019 to 2020, there was a party attended by several personalities from the scene. The streamer claimed to have felt sick after drinking and was invited to go to Mit’s house to rest (several slept in the homes of people who lived in the city). Here is the young woman’s account:

When I got there I just wanted to lie on the bed and sleep because I was super sick, I turned my back to him and he started rubbing me, I acted like I was already asleep and eventually he stopped on. The next morning, the first thing I heard was, ‘I was going to undress you at night, but I thought that was rape, right?’

Continuing the young woman’s story, Caster insisted on staying with her, even being aggressive, and she eventually gave in out of fear. After what happened, he started stalking her, saying he was in love with her and even reaching out to colleagues to stalk the young woman.

Shortly after the harassment allegations, Riot Games announced that Mit is no longer part of the CBLOL roster and challenger. The former caster also tweeted that he regrets everything that happened.

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