LOL: Kami regrets coming back

LOL: Kami regrets his return HomeGamerLOL: Kami regrets his return

A few days ago, one of the biggest names in the League of Legends competitive scene, Gabriel “Kami” Bohm, announced his retirement. Furthermore, the player claimed it was a mistake to play LOL professionally again.


Kami is gone

Kami has been one of the biggest – if not the biggest – eSports idol for many years, especially for LOL fans. Starting his career very early (like most players), he stood out from the start and his journey has been meteoric. But in 2017, after being defeated for PaiN Gaming against Team One, Kami decided to take a break from his professional gaming career.

His announcement hit the scene like a bombshell, which in him had one of Brazil’s oldest and most in-the-know League of Legends players. However, the player said he needed some alone time, which prompted him to leave. Back then the Gamehouse model was very strong and many gamers actually complained about having to live together without privacy. In that sense, it was his departure and the complaints of other players like Felipe Gonçalves da Rocha “Brtt” about this model that gave teams the power to change this concept.

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Return to the Games

Kami, motivated by his fans and by Pain himself, announced his return in 2019, the uproar was immense again. However, it seems that this return is not due to his own decision, but to pressure or maybe a wrong impression from the player, as he himself says in his statement.

The player’s statement was very emotional and speaks about his career and the reasons that made him leave in 2017. He also talks about the reason why he can’t continue. It is worth remembering that Kami came to train in competition but didn’t actually debut, claiming it was a mistake to return to competition and that it was best to accept that he was permanently retired .

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