NFT: 5 mobile games to make money

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Discover the best NFT games that can make you money in real life.

NFT is an acronym for “non-fungile tokens”. That is, they are digital items that cannot be destroyed, copied or replaced. Hence, they have a unique value that does not fluctuate and can be exchanged for something similar.

With that in mind, games that use NFT try to transform some of its elements or present themselves as something unique. The unique pieces that can be created within the game are one of the biggest goals of this application as they increase in value due to their rarity and can be sold among players. Then there are the “in-game NFTs”, objects that are captured within the game. In this case, it is possible to sell the items within the game and convert the virtual money into real money.

  • Games that pay in cryptocurrencies

In this list, we’re going to introduce some of the best NFT games that you can play on mobile, Android, or IOS. Remember, there are risks and you may not get the expected return.

Thetan arena

Ideal for beginners in NFT games, Thetan Athena is a multi-character and item MOBA that players can exchange for tokens and then convert to real money. By investing in NFT, which in Thetan are the heroes of the game, the player gets a limited amount of energy per day and period, so for every victory he gets new tokens in addition to the rarity and skins used by heroes .

One of the interesting points about this game is that you don’t have to pay to play, but in this case you won’t be able to access the tokens. Still, it might be worth it as it’s a really fun game. In addition, the game already has more than 1 million players.


This is the ideal game for those who like card games. Influenced by Magic the Gathering, Splinterlands is a game where you have to collect cards and build a deck to face opponents in a skill ranking system. In order to play, it is important to use logical reasoning in order to be able to choose the best strategy in putting your cards together and winning the contest.

In Splinterlands, NFTs are made up of the game’s cards so players can trade them themselves within the game, which earns them cryptocurrencies. In addition, the game can also be played for free with the option to play without an investment.

Overlord World NFT

Overlord World will be innovative as it is the first NFT game developed for the mobile version before other platforms and therefore offers great graphics without getting stuck on the phone. It is an RPG where the player is born in a universe where several new worlds have been created that are at war. So, within the game, it is possible to earn coins by doing tasks such as farming and fighting.

One of the most important points in the game is the pets, which give the king ancestral powers so that he can fight. Each king can have an unlimited number of pets, but the game doesn’t really start until they have at least one. To get a pet, the player can buy it in the shop or find it in chests at the end of some quests.

In addition, Overlord World has two tokens that can be converted into cash, LORD and OVL. The player uses the first to buy game items in the virtual store, while the second is the governance currency.

Crazy Defense Heroes

This is a game that mixes role play and cards. In it, players have to build a defense using the best strategies and different options for towers, heroes, spells and items. There are roughly 400 cards of varying rarities that can be blue, gold, red, or green that define the missions you can take part in.

One of the best parts of Crazy Defense Heroes is the regular events that allow players to conquer what is known as the Tolkens Tower in order to earn more in-game rewards.

Axie infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the biggest hits among NFT games. The game features a world of pets where the player can breed, train and fight other fantastic creatures called Axie (the game pieces). This way, they earn rewards that can be converted into real money. In addition, it is possible to sell Axies and earn coins by defeating opponents and completing missions.

However, in the case of Infinity, an initial investment is required to start playing and there is no free version like some of the games mentioned earlier.

That was our list of NFT mobile games. There are several other options for the computer as well, and with the success of this modality, new games should appear soon.

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