Plague Inc: Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The game Plague Inc became famous before the pandemic happened, the game was released on May 26, 2012, in the game you command a mutant virus aiming to wipe out the population of planet Earth, the player could change the properties of the virus, making it more deadly and contagious, for obvious reasons the game has become morbid these days and has even been phased out in some countries.


The game had a sudden surge in player numbers during the time when the coronavirus was beginning to take over the world newspapers and social networks. This demand was due to the closeness of real events with the story told in the game and this fear the population a lot. , which creates more panic than just entertainment, which was the game’s original proposition.

Ndemic Creations, who developed the game, announced a way in which the player is fighting the pandemic, rather than supporting it, in what has even become something revealing about it, in an attempt to remove this rejection from Plague Inc , how it is even possible to control them The worst infections and all the work to develop this new mode has been supported by several experts who have provided him with information so close to reality.

“Players must balance managing the course of the disease and strengthening health systems, as well as controlling real-world measures such as screening, quarantine, social distancing and the closure of public services,” the announcement said.

In support of the fight against the corona virus, Ndemic Creations will donate $250,000 to help with actions against the pandemic.

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