Playstation 5 vs Xbox Series X, what’s the difference?

Playstation 5 vs Xbox Series X, what’s the difference? HomeGamerPlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X, What’s the Difference?

Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are about to be launched. However, when choosing, it’s important to ask: what’s the difference between them? if there is a difference

From what we’ve been able to see in the latest updates from Sony and Microsoft, there’s a conceptual difference between the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Basically, this distinction relates to firepower versus a smoother experience.

Both consoles aim really high in terms of performance, easily leaving the old consoles behind.

Playstation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Processor


To see the Xbox Series X trailer, click here.

Microsoft uses an AMD Zen 2 eight-core processor clocked at 3.8 GHz. This processor is significantly more powerful than the one from Sony, which also comes from AMD with 8 cores, but clocks a little lower at 3.5 GHz.

On the other hand, to compensate, Sony has included variable frequency hardware that basically gives a “boost” when it is necessary to reach peak performance. Unlike Microsoft who will try to maintain a more stable frequency.

Playstation 5 vs Xbox Series X: graphics

Playstation 5 full size

To see the Playstation 5 trailer, click here.

In terms of graphics, we again have an advantage for the Xbox Series X, which will have an RDNA 2 GPU with 12 Teraflops, 52 Compute Units and a frequency of 1.825 GHz. While the Playstation 5 comes with an RDNA 2 GPU of 10.28 teraflops, 36 compute units with a variable frequency of 2.23 GHz are slightly lower.

xbox x series graphics card

Playstation 5 vs Xbox Series X: Storage

In terms of storage space, while we have 1 Tera for the Xbox Series X with the possibility of expansion, on the Playstation 5 we will only have 825 GB. On the other hand, Sony will use an uncompressed transfer rate of 5.5 GB/s, which makes for much faster loading and smoother gaming. This proves more advantageous compared to the Xbox, which will get by with only 2.4 GB without compression.Xbox Playstation Comparison

Looking at these numbers, one gets the impression that Microsoft has the edge as it puts more emphasis on the performance of its console, the Xbox Series X. However, this is no guarantee, certainly not when we look at Sony, which clearly aims for the comfort of your customer.

This strategy is very effective because it is not enough for the customer to just have the best hardware, we want the best experience.

While we can’t explore these consoles directly, it’s unclear which one is the best among them, but the fact is that we’ll have different proposals. The question is which of these suggestions will give us a more impactful experience: power or fluidity?

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