PLS 383/2017: Understand the controversy surrounding precarious eSports regulation

PLS 383/2017: Understand the Poor eSports Regulation Controversy HomeGeneralPLS 383/2017: Understand the Poor eSports Regulation Controversy

The eSports community unites against the PLS 383/2017 regulation, which has acted precariously in the development of the Brazilian scenario.

Esports Personalities Against Regulation

Last Tuesday (10th), an uproar began in the professional eSports community due to the Federal Senate Act. Then, in an open letter to state legislators, athletes, casters and public figures took a stand on the regulation of eSports in the state, making it clear that the regulation limits the scenario to the convenience of sports governing bodies.

Criticism of PLS ​​383/2017

Senate Bill #383 of 2017 called for a few sessions to regulate eSports, but the results left a lot to be desired. In fact, one of the meetings that took place in 2019 had absurd agendas, such as reviewing the impact of violent games on society, which used speeches with dubious scientific bases.

“What I wanted to bring up for discussion is that there is a very good reason to say that electronic games are associated with video games [o aumento da] Aggression and that we have to decide whether it’s worth taking that risk or not,” Gomes said. “The science clearly points to the conclusion.”

Lack of representation in decisions

At that time, the criticism of the ignorance of those present was great, since there was no one present who really lived the scenario that had already been developed thanks to the private initiative. In addition, several of the scenario orders were passed on to the federal government in some project articles, which would make events significantly more expensive. In this sense, it would also be up to the state to define the rules of the current championships, which would take over the power of the companies that programmed themselves thinking of rules already established and those that make this scenario a reality.

The Brazilian eSports market is the third largest in the world after China and the United States. So, the fear of the companies operating in this market is the increased bureaucratization of the processes necessary to hold the major events, as well as the flight of sponsors due to the rising costs. The open letter thus makes it clear that there is already a whole self-regulation by the developers themselves and that this has worked very well.

preservation of supply

Therefore, the biggest complaint from the personalities is that the bills do not go through consultations with those who actually carry out the scenario. And this despite the fact that it is an extremely active community that had to do everything independently for years.

For those involved with eSports, the idea is that regulation is really happening. However, it should come down to adding value to the scenario and not trying to end the great effort that has been made by professionals and development companies for years.

The personalities moved heavily on social networks, raising the hashtags: #TodosContraPLS383 and #SomosGigantes.

The list of people who subscribed to the open letter can be found here.

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