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Resident Evil 3 is a game with a story that is a bit more complicated to understand compared to previous games, since it takes place 24 hours before the events of Resident Evil 2 in Raccoon City and ends 24 hours later. In this story we follow again Jill Valentine, the protagonist of Resident Evil 1, and we have her clash with the dreaded Nemesis.

Considering that the remake of this amazing game is getting closer, check out the annotated gameplay by clicking here. We will tell the story of the original game Resident Evil 3 from 1999.

Resident Evil 3 cover

Resident Evil 1 Summary

Following the events of Resident Evil 1, Jill and Cris discover that the Umbrella Corporation, a reputable pharmaceutical company, was using their biological weapons manufacturing facilities on the outskirts of Raccoon City. However, due to a leak, humans became infected by becoming zombies or other mutant beings that caused other deaths in the first game’s storyline.

Cris and Jill tell Police Chief Brian Irons everything they discovered at the Umbrella Mansion. They present some evidence (little since the mansion was completely blown up), but still Brian doesn’t investigate.

Jill and Cris split up to investigate Umbrella

The couple didn’t know, but Brian had been bought by Umbrella and was part of a plan to keep the company’s operations secret. Therefore, Cris decided to go to the company’s other headquarters, which was located in Europe while Jill stayed to investigate Raccoon City. In that short time, the outbreak that attacked the first game’s mansion began to spread across the city.

Resident Evil 3 Jill

The beginning of the infestation in Raccoon City

From there, the city police are trying to contain the outbreak, but to no avail. Umbrella itself sends mercenaries to try to end the situation by force, but the number of zombies is huge, as is the speed of contamination. Soon the city is taken over by the infected and Jill finds herself once again in the midst of chaos and desperate to flee this hell.

Jill walks the devastated streets of Raccoon City and eventually encounters some survivors and the police. One of them is Brad, who ends up being infected (he appears to be dead in Resident Evil 2). Jill helps him, but soon after, he’s cornered by Nemesis, the game’s big villain, who ruthlessly kills him.

What is nemesis

Nemesis is actually an evolution of the ancient Tyrant whose body has been modified. He was given a parasite called NE ALPHA which allows him an intelligence the others didn’t have and allows him even better regeneration. This intelligence allows him to follow orders, use weapons, and devise simple strategies. He also wears Tyrant Armor, which is used to control his mutation and protect his body from projectiles.

The villain was created to be the perfect biological weapon, while the Raccoon City environment served as an assessment to see if he was capable of destroying all the cops and mercenaries in the city, showing that he was in real wars.


Survival and horror in the evil residence

Meanwhile, Jill is being pursued by Nemesis. She manages to lose him and, looking for a way out, ends up in a ruined restaurant where she meets Carlos, a Latin American mercenary sent by Umbrella to protect the population. Since things didn’t end well, he tries to find survivors and escape from there.

The heroine does not believe him at first, but is forced to accompany him. Along the way, they meet another mercenary, Nicholai Ginovaef, who also works for Umbrella. The three there decide that the best strategy for escaping the city is to repair the casing of the tram they are on. That way they could get to the clock tower where a helicopter would come to rescue them.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

A group of questionable mercenaries

To fix the tram, the three survivors decide to split up to find the parts faster (oh my god, what a smart idea). With great difficulty, Jill manages to find the necessary items as she is being pursued by Nemesis, who is looking for survivors throughout the city. In the process, Nicholai exhibits suspicious behavior, always appearing next to dead mercenaries and claiming it is self-defense.

In the midst of fighting the zombies, Nicholai apparently gets lost and Jill understands that he has been caught. You, Carlos and one of the mercenaries who stayed on the tram badly injured fix the plaque and go to the bell tower. However, they didn’t count that Nemesis was in one of the wagons. With no alternative, the injured Mercenary detonates a grenade, knocking Nemesis unconscious and rescuing his two colleagues.

Jill and Carlos reach the tower and finally manage to give the signal for rescue. You quickly see the helicopter approaching, but before it lands, a missile hits the ship and it explodes, falling in place.

Carlos Oliveira

Carlos a Latin and forgotten hero

Nemesis appears and attacks the two again. The duo manage to throw the monster into the helicopter’s flames, but Jill is infected. In fact, she begins to feel ill and eventually passes out. Carlos then leaves her in a safe place and goes in search of the antidote for her.

He makes his way to the hospital, where he finds Nicholai, apparently not dead, once again lying next to the body of a mercenary. Carlos questions him and in response, the other mercenary points the gun at him, making it clear that he did something very wrong there.

Luckily the fallen mercenary was still alive and a grenade exploded trying to kill Nicholai. The enemy is forced to jump through the window and Carlos escapes, also getting an antidote in the mercenary’s body. He takes it to Jill, but soon discovers that Nicholai planted explosives throughout the hospital to cover up Umbrella’s actions.

fire nemesis

The two then look for another way out of town. Carlos finds out they’re going to send a bomb to sterilize the town at dawn, so he and Jill break up to figure out how to get out of town as soon as possible. In her quest, she eventually encounters Nemesis again, without armor, with a runaway mutation and multiple tentacles coming out of her body. They put up a tough fight, but Jill manages to drop Nemesis into an acid pit.

Nicholas revelation

As the two are still looking for a way out, they see Nicholai in a helicopter. He says that he killed the Mercenaries at Umbrella’s behest and that he was only there to assess the Nemesis’ effectiveness, so he would go now, leaving Jill and Carlos to die in the explosion (In the story of Resident Evil 3 game, there is one version where he runs away and the other where he gets killed by Nemesis).


As they walk away from there, the two encounter the final form of Nemesis, now all deformed and sluggish. Jill uses a machine consisting of 3 generators to destroy the monster and eventually it dies forever.

With Jill already accepting death, Carlos receives an emergency call and a new helicopter appears. They manage to board safely, but not before seeing the missile coming to completely destroy Raccoon City.

final coverage

Resident Evil 3, the game’s story, will help you prepare for the remake scheduled for April 3, 2020, which will be available on all platforms. If you enjoyed this post, you probably want to know more stories about classic games, so click here.

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