Resident Evil 4: 15 years of the game that shaped the future of video games

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15 years have passed since the release of Resident Evil 4 and it has established itself as the game that forever shaped the future of video gaming. RE4 undeniably changed paradigms and created trends that have been used in many of the best games to come.

The game was released on the Nintendo GameCube in 2005 and took advantage of much of the console’s good workmanship. Resident Evil 4 came with a different proposition than its predecessors, as the franchise’s major villain had been destroyed and Umbrella no longer existed. With that in mind, Leon, the protagonist of Resident Evil 2, returned at the behest of the President himself as a government agent with a mission to rescue his kidnapped daughter, Ashley Graham.

Resident Evil 4

A new suggestion based on past bugs

Resident Evil was a hit from the start as it embodied the survival horror game style. However, the last few games in the franchise were selling less and less (Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil Zero), which had nothing to do with poor quality as both games had been rated very well. So the alternative was to rethink the entire franchise offering.

“Due to the low sales of the Resident Evil Remake, I’ve decided to work on more action in Resident Evil 4. The game would have been scarier and more horror-focused if the remake had sold well,” said Mikami-san, the franchise’s creator.

The innovations of Resident Evil 4

Driven by the need to boost sales, Resident Evil 4 was designed as an action and adventure focused game utilizing the franchise’s classic universe. However, now we didn’t have zombies anymore, we had ganados, humans infected with a variant of the original virus.

The perception of the ganados was changed, they were controlled like religious fanatics. They were more agile, more intelligent, and could use simple weapons. On the other hand, Leon didn’t move in the classic tank style of previous games, the controls were fast, and he had melee attacks when opponents got dizzy. These changes made for a very aggressive playstyle for those who were more mechanically adept.

The most striking thing about the game, however, was the camera, which was now over the character’s shoulder, giving the game a cinematic look.

resident evil action

The narrative shift and the Super Leon

What really sets Resident Evil 4 apart is the Hollywood cinematic face it has. The custcenes were really inspired, made with the game’s own engine and not with a CGI, which allowed them to be merged with the gameplay and gave a sense of freedom.

But one of the most striking things about the franchise was the arrival at the first village, which was presented to the player as a sort of welcome. It already shows that the player is faced with something completely different. And along the same lines, we have more and more awesome and scary monsters that show Leon that he’s practically a Jedi now.

Resident Evil won

Was Resident Evil 4 good or not?

With all of these changes and minor ones, Resident Evil 4 was a huge hit, both commercially and critically. The game influenced both horror games and action games and is considered one of the 10 greatest games in history.

RE4 gave the franchise another breath, but it also divided many fans who liked the franchise for its survival-horror nature and that it was declining with every new game. The execs obviously forced the introduction of the storyline into the sequels, which delighted new audiences but greatly alienated old ones. With that in mind, it’s taken some time for the franchise to reintroduce the survival horror style.

Resident Evil franchise

While the vast majority loved Resident Evil 4, do you think it was good or bad for the franchise games?

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