Resident Evil Village: Classic Style is back in May

Resident Evil Village: Classic Style is back in May HomeGamerResident Evil Village: Classic Style is back in May

Resident Evil Village is confirmed for May 7th and promises to bring classic systems from the franchise! Check everything.

Capcom announced the May 7th release of Resident Evil Village at the Resident Evil Showcase held on January 21st. In addition, the company confirmed that the game will also be available for PS4 and Xbox One in addition to the versions for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S and X! This is great news for the general public that has not yet changed generations.

Another thing that made a lot of people happy was the announcement that in addition to the Brazilian Portuguese subtitles, the game will also have BR dubbing! This information was leaked during a hack on Capcom’s servers a few months ago.

Return to the origins

In addition to the news already mentioned, the event also provided a gameplay of the game in which we could follow our protagonist Ethan Winters exploring the village for a few minutes. In addition, some mechanics and ideas that are already familiar to Resident Evil players were seen, such as the design of the buildings, which is very reminiscent of Resident Evil 4, as well as the movements of some NPCs.

On the other hand, the inventory juggling system has been added that pushes the player to make wise decisions in managing their items. Even the item seller is back.

According to official information from Capcom:

“Ethan can now buy and sell items, purchase crafting recipes, and customize weapons from a merchant called ‘The Duke’.”

They even added:

“Using materials he finds along the way, Ethan will be able to craft consumables essential to surviving the horrors of the village. Leveraging these provisions will also include planning that’s very familiar to fans of the series, thanks to the revamped inventory system based on space management.”

All of these mechanics can be seen in the gameplay, but we can also see how the game tries to harmonize all of this. In an effort to create something truly immersive, the first-person camera makes good use of graphics quality and gives sound effects a chance to shine. Also, some enemies already look terrifying, just in this little demo.

The game’s plot will once again revolve around Ethan Winters, who is in search of his daughter and Chris Redfield. With that in mind, he’ll be facing seemingly supernatural creatures, which is going to be a lot of work!

Chris also looks a bit different than we’ve seen in previous trailers, and that adds even more of the unknown to the plot.

Resident Evil multiplayer on course

Another great piece of news was the announcement that RE:Verse, a multiplayer game celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise, would be made available for free! However, only for buyers of Resident Evil Village.

First of all, the game supports up to 6 players in multiplayer, in deathmatches. In addition, in RE:Verse it will be possible to play with several classic characters from the franchise and even villains like Nemesis and Tyrant.

“This bonus is a way to say thank you to the fans and includes a comic-book style look that pits iconic Resident Evil characters against each other in four-to-six player playoffs at iconic locations from the series,” Capcom reports.

Did you like it? Now just wait for that delicious dose of terror!

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