The 5 most difficult games of the last 10 years

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Compiling a list of the 5 hardest games of the last 10 years wasn’t as easy as it sounds. We excluded classic platformers (some of them extremely difficult) and focused on relatively successful games and franchises. It’s not just about driving you crazy, but trust me, these games are pretty good at it.

Define what makes a game difficult

What makes a difficult game? We asked ourselves this over and over again and finally came to the conclusion: the difficulty of a game is measured by the precision it requires (apart from strategy games, of course). Platform games, for example, are often extremely difficult as the precision required when hitting jumps is extremely high.

In addition, you have to follow a perfect script to be able to pass certain stages of classic games like Ninja Gaiden, Battletoads, Castlevania, among others. Therefore, despite a good range of options to complete the same challenge, the games we have listed require a level of precision above the average of current games to apply the selected strategy.

So enough talk and let’s get to the list of the 5 hardest games of the last 10 years.

05 – Super Meat Boy [2010]

super meat boy

Super Meat Boy is an indie platform game released in 2010 with the following premise: you are a piece of meat that saves your girlfriend from a big villain, Dr. fetus (something familiar?).

The game follows the classic forms of platform games, jumping, running, sliding, wall jumping, etc. Precise controls and good quick reflexes are necessary skills to break the 300 levels that Super Meat Boy has. That’s right, there are 300 levels! The game is still appreciated for its quality to this day and it’s hard enough to earn 5th place in our top 5.

Super Meat Boy is available on all platforms.

04 – Sekiro: Shadows die twice [2019]

Sekiro: Shadows die twice

Sekiro is always very much compared to the Souls franchise because it’s a very difficult game and in reality it follows a battle line with one foot. In the plot we follow the journey of a samurai trying to bring back his kidnapped master. The protagonist still lost his arm and uses a mechanical arm with special abilities.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a relatively fast-paced game compared to Dark Souls, as it requires the player to master the character and have a precise knowledge of enemy movements, forcing the player to make quick decisions by acting quickly. which are often not the best.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is available for PC/PS4/Xbox One.

03 – Cuphead [2017]

mug head

Developed as a nostalgic game for SNES lovers, Cuphead is a platform game where the protagonist shoots projectiles with his fingers. Although the game is very well stylized, make no mistake, it is extremely difficult and requires surgical precision to pass its stages and especially its bosses, which are very different.

The game forces the player to resort to completely different strategies in each of the challenges. If you like multiplayer games, Cuphead can also be played in pairs, but if you think that this makes the game easier, you are very wrong as it only makes the screen more chaotic and difficult. So, good luck with it… you’re going to need it.

Cuphead is available on all platforms.

02 – Devil May Cry series

Devil May Cry

The Devil May Cry series became known for the quality of its gameplay, its compelling story, and most importantly for some really tough games. The most memorable case was the third edition of the game, the American version of which had a small bug: they set the Hard level to Normal.

The bug turned the already difficult game into something insane, prompting the player to get the most out of the skills of Dante, the protagonist of the series. The problem was fixed in a later version, but left its mark on gaming history as an impossible game.

Devil May Cry is available on all platforms.

01 – Dark Souls series

dark souls

The Souls series was innovative in the sense of bringing a game that followed the modern standards of the time but had a philosophy of challenge. While most games followed the “don’t frustrate the player or they’ll quit the game” line, Dark Souls went against it, believing that the player would go even deeper if challenged.

The game’s difficulty does not only lie in its gameplay, which forces the player to be precise, although there are several options to complete the same challenge. His story is also difficult to understand, forcing fans to study the information and “tie” the story to their own imaginations. The game revived the concept of the difficult games and, while considered bizarre at the time, won over a legion of fans who missed something more challenging and profound.

It’s worth noting that Dark Souls is a game that requires a lot of attention. So don’t play while talking or distracted because if you do, be prepared to die.

Dark Souls is available for Playstation and PC.

So, did you like this list? Do you think any other game deserves to be in this ranking? Leave your comment.

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