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To get you ready for Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of the scariest games in the world! Play if you can.

Kojima and his attempt to create one of the scariest games in history

There is no better way to celebrate Halloween than playing a terrifying game and feeling the fear that date brings about. That’s why we’ve listed some of the games here that make every hair stand on end, that make us wake up at night with the feeling that the game may not be just a game. Check out this list of 7 games that will get you to the point.

Alien Isolation (2014)

By the way, in 7th place is Alien Isolation, an excellent game that manages to bring the atmosphere of the first Alien classic into video games. So in this game the player has to be stealthy and strategic in order to survive. On the other hand, a motion detector comes into play which is very useful and creates a feeling of constant danger, reminiscent of many classic horror films like Jaws, in which the signs that the predator is approaching need to be carefully observed. makes the moment of fear even more agonizing.

The game mechanics are also great. As the intelligence of the Xenomorphs adapts to the strategies of the player, the player is forced to vary his infiltration style. All of this, along with a story that continues the plot of the original film, makes Alien Isolation a must-have for anyone who enjoys good horror games.

Alien Isolation Trailer a great horror game

Dead Space (2011)

Dead Space is a franchise that brings a new freshness to horror games. In contrast to other games of the time, it does not appeal to exaggerated and disloyal fear, illusions and incomprehensible mysticism. Thus, Dead Space presents the classic survival game with an objective, but nevertheless fascinating plot that focuses entirely on the protagonist Isaac Clarke, who will fight for survival in a spaceship infested by the undead.

The game is very reminiscent of the classic Resident Evil, with a space theme. Additionally, their designs are very inspired as both the costume and mechanics of our character instantly give the game an identity. This is also reflected in the monsters, which are terrifying because they are made up of parts from revived beings, which is very reminiscent of the Silent Hill game. All of this could be considered a mere copy if the game isn’t slow and scary.

Therefore, the developers do not rush to scare the player, they know how to handle the tension that fuels the moments when the most tense scenes really happen. I also highlight the first and second games which are excellent.

Dead Space has a number of great games

Until Dawn (2015)

It continues to our 5th place, occupied by Until Dawn, who manages to bring almost a classic horror movie slasher into games. The plot is initially based on the most famous horror films of the 80s, in which inconsiderate young people of different styles are chased by a mysterious threat in a remote hut. Everything works very well and gradually the game becomes harrowing so that trying to save the characters becomes the focus of the player. So your goal is to fight for the characters to survive.

The technical part of the game is superb, it appeals to a style of progression where every action the player makes changes the course of the plot, giving consequences to every failure and every success. The player suffers when he lets a certain character die and is relieved when he manages to spend another chapter of the plot alive with his darling. All of this, along with the twists and turns that happen in the game, make Until Dawn an excellent horror title.

Up Down is a playable horror film

Outlast (2013)

So far the games have been scary, but the player had to fight back, either by making choices that could be good or bad, or by using weapons that gave them an edge with a certain skill. The bug starts in Outlast! Here the child is crying and the mother cannot see. This is a game that will make you tremble, with simple mechanics but a narrative that will make you feel completely vulnerable and fearful for your life every moment of the game.

In Outlast, you are an investigative journalist reviewing a complaint from a well-isolated psychiatric clinic. However, when you get to the scene, you discover that something is killing the patients and the police who have just arrived. So in order to help you you are stuck in the spot, no weapon, no skills, have to run away from something all the time that you have no idea what it is.

Outlast a game so you can shake yourself

Silent Hills Playable Teaser (2014)

Our 3rd place is not a complete game, but a teaser of one of the greatest promises of horror games: Silent Hills PT. This project was developed by Hideo Kojima (creator of the Metal Gear saga) and the fantastic filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro and produced by Konami, but the project did not continue due to issues with the management. However, the teaser was so powerful that it influenced the entire horror game industry and drove fans crazy with the quality of the small excerpt from the demo.

The game’s protagonist would be played (face and voice) by actor Norman Reedus, Daryl from The Walking Dead. Additionally, the character was trapped in a maze of corridors while being tormented by a ghost named Lisa. She was killed by her husband and the player has to solve puzzles to get out of the house. Although the teaser is short, it is very powerful.

This is a presentation that shows a bit of the idea of ​​the game and some people’s reaction to the trailer

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017)

Resident Evil 7 was a major advancement of the franchise. The game has been updated and brought back the spirit of terror to the series that was well lost. But it also gave a lot more room for maneuver. RE7 is said to have been inspired by the Silent Hills PT and understood that the audience wanted something more cinematic and creepy.

No sooner said than done, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is all of that: An immersive and terrifying experience, with a first-person camera, with the option of playing with virtual reality glasses (which in my opinion should be banned because it’s so scary).

The Resident Evil 7 trailer represents the suspense of the game well

Silent Hill 2 (2001)

A very old game which, within its limits, had the key to developing techniques to create tension like no other. From him a legion of games tried to copy his formulas and used his concepts to create fear and horror. Silent Hill tells the story of a father who searches for his daughter in an unknown city where a harrowing fog hides dark beings and truths that will shock the character and the player.

The game had many technical limitations that were so masterfully bypassed that the outcome was unique. With that in mind, the tension of walking around a broken lantern in a foggy city with scary noises was terrible. But on the flip side, the player has to keep advancing at the idea that his daughter might be there and needs his help. The game is so scary that it takes the player some time to breathe (happened to me a couple of times). Despite its age, Silent Hill 2 is still one of the icons of horror games.

That was our list of the most terrifying games in the world. That is of course our opinion and there are some very scary ones but I guarantee you these will get you through some trouble in front of your monitor.

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