The Brazilian Esports League begins its 2nd stage

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This Saturday (30th) started the 2nd leg of the League of Legends Championship of the Brazilian League of Esports (LBE). The championship, which is in its second edition, brings together 15 teams from different locations in Brazil, competing for the first places and their awards:

1st place: BRL 1000.00 (one thousand reais)

2nd place: R$450.00 (four hundred and fifty reais)

3rd place: BRL 150.00 (one hundred and fifty reais)

Thus, at the beginning of the championship, the group phase began, in which the teams are divided into 3 groups of 5 teams each. In this stage, all teams compete twice, and the top-ranked teams advance to the next stage. Meet the competing teams and their recommended groups:

Group 1

Group 1 consists of the teams: FG E-Sports, Universidade Positivo Capybaras, Black Knights Hope, Hoshelion e Amigos and UFPR Burning Bunnies.

This group carries great expectations as they have the finalists of LBE: Phase Brotherss. In the previous championship, Black Knights Hope won 1st place and UP Capybaras took 2nd place. Third place went to the former “Carregados por Pulga” that had some members of today’s Hoshelion and Friends. Will the winner emerge from this group again?

group 2

Group 2 consists of the teams: Alien 8, Arctic Lions, Frostbite E-Sports, Wild Runaways and Angry Sharks UFPR.

While the first group excels at containing the finalist teams, this group brings with it a well-known rivalry in addition to introducing new teams to the championship. The games between the Arctic Lions and the Angry Sharks are already considered classics in the amateur championships in Curitiba, and LBE will be sponsoring some of these warm games.

group 3

Group 3 consists of the teams: Santa Bronx UFU E-Sports, Esquema Team, Fênix E-Sports, Tilt Kings E-Sports and Beta One E-Sports.

The highlight of this group is the fact that it is made up of 80% new teams, so each one’s playstyle is very curious. Of the names mentioned, only Tilt Kings took part in the first edition of the championship, which means the group will have room for many surprises.

The 2nd stage of the Brazilian Esports League is supported by Inovando, Onetech Telecom, Roxx Energy and Brotherss Informática. Additionally, matches are 100% online and streamed via Twitch, with narration and commentary in each match.

In addition, the story of each team will be shared on the championship’s social networks (Facebook and Instagram). On the same platforms, in addition to betting on their favorite team, viewers can also follow the results of matches and other information.

To learn more about League of Legends and its championships, click here.

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