The difficulties of having an eSports team

The Difficulties of Having an eSports Team HomeGamerThe Difficulties of Having an eSports Team

Today we are going to list some difficulties to build a semi-professional eSports team in Brazil, both for players and for companies.

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Before listing the difficulties eSports teams face, it is important to highlight a few reasons that make this scenario so attractive.

Numbers make up for it

In the Brazilian professional scenario, player salaries vary on average between 3,000 and 20,000 net reais. Not to mention the amounts raised from sponsorships, social media advertising and awards, which is catching the attention of many young people out there. However, it is obvious that the salary does not even compare to that in countries like Korea, where a player earns more than a million a month net.

The gaming scene in Brazil

The increase in public interest in eSports reflects the gradual rise that broadcasts have achieved. To give you an idea, last year the audience for this type of competition reached 21.2 million people, growing at 20% a year and showing no signs of slowing down. As a result, it was the third largest audience in the world!

So yes, an eSports team can really bring a lot of exposure to a brand or a company that creates it, but there are certain difficulties in getting a semi-amateur team up and running.

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Important points

Most games require the formation of teams, which means that several people have to work together to achieve the goal (for example, there are fighting games that only have one player). With that in mind, the following are key points that amateur teams need to pay attention to to keep things going well.


E-Sports Coach

One of the first problems an amateur eSports team can face is lack of or poor leadership.

First, it’s important that the team has someone leading the way, both in the game and in the organization. Sometimes it can even be different people, but it is necessary that the schedules, rules and benefits of being part of the team are clear.

One thing many don’t understand is that teams are usually made up of young people, people who often don’t have the professional attitude or maturity to be held accountable. This is a very common problem as even on professional teams we see players with childish attitudes.

In this way, it is not uncommon for teams to be put together and unable to continue due to a lack of impetus or clarity from the leader in the project proposal. Therefore, this is an important point and a leader must first be selected to carry out the project.

wrong expectation

Losses are part of sport

Expectation is another factor that needs to be evaluated very well when creating an eSports team. We can draw an analogy with a company as no company can expect to make a profit in the first 3 months of the company. Therefore, a newly formed team cannot expect to achieve great results in some championships.

However, it is common for players at the beginning of the team to become discouraged by poor results, leading to conflict and the dissolution of the team. The point here is to establish how the goals will be achieved, bearing in mind that if the work is solid, it is obvious that the team will improve. However, this does not happen overnight and, above all, a team cannot only be successful with victories.

good advertisement

E-Sports Events

Something the more amateur eSports scene lacks is more professional advertising. If, on the one hand, we see that top championships have coverage that is increasingly closer to the great sporting events of the world, it almost does not exist when we talk about the amateur scenario.

So, in order to form a team, you have to think about how to spread it. In this sense, the provision of social networks and a quality visual identity are essential points for the team to be able to attract fans.

A common strategy is to stream players’ games to social networks and create content with their workouts. Remember that winning fans is the real goal of the team, as they are the ones who justify sponsorships and not necessarily the victories (they help, of course, but they don’t determine).

So obviously there is a need for the championships these teams compete in to have some sort of reporting in order for the teams, players and brands to gain relevance.

business support


Even if a team has good leadership, motivation, and players who understand the path they need to take, regular investments are needed to keep the scenario relevant. Regular sponsorships allow this association of people to work long hours. In addition to uniforms, accessories, and compensation, players and the people behind players can continue their work over long periods of time.

So, once again, we emphasize the importance of clarity. Knowing what the goals of the project are, both for the players and for the companies involved, helps on this path, which is not easy but very rewarding for those who succeed.

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