The Mario Bros Story: Fun Facts You Didn’t Know!

The Mario Bros Story: Fun Facts You Didn’t Know! HomeGamerThe Story of Mario Bros: Fun Facts You Didn’t Know!

He is short, has a big nose, an elegant mustache and makes his living as a plumber. It is a classic, but at the same time very up-to-date and hardly anyone does not know it. Want to know more about the history of Mario Bros.? Come with us!

Created by Nintendo in September 1985, he has appeared in over 200 games and is one of the most recognizable characters in the world. Charismatic and conquering, he never seems to go out of style and every now and then he shows up at important events, he is a celebrity indeed.

If you’ve never had the experience of rescuing Princess Peach, we strongly encourage you to do so! But first, learn 7 facts about Super Mario World that Brotherss has broken down for you.

Mario’s first name was actually Jumpman

Two versions of the Mario characters

He first appeared in a Donkey Kong game in 1981. His creator at the time, Shigeru Miyamoto, developed him into a villain.

By this time, the character’s mustache was larger, pointed, and heavily curved. This added to his antagonistic aspect and ensured that people wouldn’t mistake him for an animal or a mutant or anything (consider the quality of the game at 81).

A Nintendo employee in New York, Mario Segale, was seen as similar to Miyamoto’s character. In 1985, the name of the character was finally changed from Jumpman to Mario in honor of this employee.

Mario: carpenter or plumber?

Today Mario is a super famous plumber. A Nintendo icon and quite possibly the most successful classic character in video game history. Originally, however, the character was a carpenter.

It wasn’t until the character became a brand that he morphed into a plumber. As such, the pipes he enters the game through have become one of the biggest references in the game.

A success from the first release!

Even in the first edition, Super Mario Bros. was a real sales explosion. It is currently the best-selling game in video game history. In addition, its soundtrack has become a reference in this universe.

In all its versions and consoles, the Mario series has sold over 500 million copies. The game has also won film versions for plays, and Mario has even starred in television commercials. This little Italian is very famous!

Creative Inspirations: Where did this journey come from?

Super Mario rides Yoshi

Super Mario is full of realistic graphics and symbols. According to Miyamoto, the character’s creator, the story was developed with influences and inspirations from Alice in Wonderland.

Look a little to see the similarities: just like Alice, Mario travels through a colorful world full of mushrooms that make him grow and shrink.

Speaking of mushroom, these mushrooms weren’t added to the game randomly. They are probably inspired by the famous Amanita Muscaria. A hallucinogenic mushroom common in the Northern Hemisphere that is aesthetically very similar to the mushroom we see in-game.

In addition to the aesthetic similarities, this mushroom has the ability to actually cause a person to experience hallucinations and psychedelic trips that give them the impression of growing up.

It is worth remembering that Nintendo has never officially embraced this relationship, but the features and similarities are undeniable! And the real-world inspirations don’t stop there!

Real in-game references!

Chain Chomp, the antagonist who is a ball and is always attached to a chain, was inspired by a dog, Shigeru Miyamoto’s neighbor’s pet. According to the character’s creator, this dog always wanted to run after him, but was prevented from doing so by the current.

Let there be creativity, right? Also, the ghost Boo is a character based on the wife of one of Miyamoto’s associates, Takashi Tezuka. One last interesting reference is the playing card!

Everything points to Mario living in Japan! One of the maps in the game is clearly inspired by the Japan map. The coolest thing about it is that Super Mario Bros 3 has an in-game castle that sits on the exact spot of Kyoto.

Kyoto is where, in real life, happens to be (or not) where Nintendo’s headquarters are located. So, did you get that hint yet?

Not everything that goes wrong is bad

The quality of Super Mario World is undeniable. The numbers should confirm this statement. However, many symbols that we know today were created due to technical limitations.

For example, Mario’s hat is one of his big trademarks. However, it was created back then to circumvent the graphical limitations that didn’t allow Mario in 8-bit to have a well-done hair design.

Therefore, the hero with a red beret was developed. Little did they know that this graphic limitation would become one of the greatest icons in the video game universe.

In addition, the choice of overalls as a costume initially had nothing to do with his profession. In fact, long sleeves were the only way to ensure people would see Mario’s arms move in-game.

Before becoming a brand, the character wore a red jumpsuit and blue blouse. Later the colors were inverted. We like the current colors better and you?

Is Mario timeless?

Characters from Mario Bros

Mario is still a famous character and will be for a long time. He’s still Nintendo’s mascot, he’s representative, nostalgic and iconic. Research shows that Mario was better known and remembered by children in the US in the 90’s than Mickey Mouse.

Currently we can say that it is a nostalgic game, to be explored by people who have never had this experience.

Are you ready to face the Mushroom Kingdom challenges, break some bricks and save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser? Whether to satisfy the longing or to get to know this classic, it’s worth making the journey!

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