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Discover the redemption story of No Man’s Sky, which after 5 years managed to bring something unique to the world of games.

Man’s Sky Next was released in 2018

Today we don’t see games promise worlds and backgrounds, and at the time of publication, things aren’t quite that. The last one that changed our lives was Cyberpunk 2077 which so far is trying to fix its flaws, something that should have been done before launch. Lots of people believe that this setting is unforgivable, a malicious act, but does this logic apply to any games that disappoint on their debut?

It is natural to blame the developers, after all, they are selling that their product is wonderful and asking a lot of money for it. But what if what they promise is something really innovative and has never been done before? Is it possible to hold the company 100% responsible? That was the case with No Man’s Sky.

Cyberpunk 2077 terrible release

The promise of No Man’s Sky

Hello Games released No Man’s Sky in 2016 and went down in history as one of the most failed releases of all time. The game’s promises were very high and provided an infinite world to explore with complex biomes created by artificial intelligence. So this algorithm would accidentally create even the beings that populate the planet out of the ground. That way, the game would have a near-perfect simulation of space exploration through unknown planets as well as the great science fiction stories.

The proposal was so shocking at the time that many were skeptical that it could be implemented in a game, while others drooled over the idea of ​​playing a simulator to explore life on other planets. The market for such simulators is huge as we have games like Kerbal Space Program that simulates space travel and others with more futuristic spaceships. However, nothing of the kind exists yet.

The trailers featured simple but charismatic graphics that aroused great anticipation in the audience. But as we all know, expectation is a dangerous thing.

No Man’s Sky trailer released in 2014

Reality in 2016

When the game actually came out in 2016, it actually did what it theoretically promised, but a lot of things didn’t appeal. The planets were basically all the same, with very few differences, and didn’t even remotely create the atmosphere promised in the launch trailers. The life forms weren’t that interesting either. They actually existed, but they were simple, hideous, and not like those cute creatures we saw in the promotional materials.

Another thing that bothered a lot was that it was almost impossible to find anyone in the game as the distances were huge. This made the adventure lonely and uninteresting. Even so, the graphics were way simpler than anything promised that caused a stir in the gaming world.

So audiences felt cheated and deceived, and No Man’s Sky was quickly dubbed the worst release in gaming history. It’s an unfair title, of course, but one that shows the general public’s displeasure.

A video comparing the trailer to the release of No Man’s Sky (it’s funny, but it’s funny)

The disappointment was so great that hate messages and threats against the developers became constant, the team began to have direct contact with the police due to an impending possible attack, which Sean Murray, one of the founders of Hello Games and creator of No Man’s Sky, was defending Project, claiming that what the company had promised was a simulator and that their product was that it needed more development but that this was the most realistic space exploration experience you could get in a game.

the beginning of change

The public criticized Sean Murray for delivering such a weak product and, above all, for defending that he kept what he was promised. So Hello Games spent the next two years improving the game and implementing free improvements, with the help of the small community that had grown around the game, who noticed the flaws but saw the innovative potential of the project.

Hello Games found that when they provided a simulator, they forgot to make it clear that the experience was not something dynamic. So the company tried to mitigate this without losing the essence of exploration. The multiplayer system has been improved, as have some other small parts, to make more sense to the players who have entered this world.

The company’s vision and partnership with the players was so beneficial that No Man’s Sky reached a level in 2018 that truly lived up to what was promised in previous trailers. The game then had a sudden growth of ten times its number of users.

Free pats after 2 years

Today, the average number of concurrent users is over 6,000, and the game has a number of new features that expand players on this complex journey of exploring and introducing unknown worlds. The game now features cars that allow you to travel great distances with ease, as well as a 30-hour campaign that will bring players closer to the goal of the game. This is essential so that audiences don’t mistake No Man’s Sky for an arcade and uncompromising game.

Was it malicious or not?

That’s the big question. Five years after its release, No Man’s Sky is undoubtedly a huge hit, an innovative game that is very appealing to science fiction fans and explorers. However, this was only possible due to the failure of the past, as neither Hello Games nor even the fans had any idea what was needed to implement this innovation. It was clear that most of them were enthusiastic about the graphics, but weren’t ready for a simulator yet.

Nobody’s Heaven 2021

That’s not to say that there weren’t any less traumatic ways to start the game, but this is an example of how not every bad start is unforgivable.

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