The Xbox Series X should have all Xbox One games at launch

Xbox Series X Must Have All Xbox One Games at Launch HomeGamerXbox Series X Must Have All Xbox One Games at Launch

The new Xbox Series X has already been announced and it is in Microsoft’s interest that all games available for the Xbox One, except those that require the use of Kinect, can also be played on the new console.

Xbox division boss Phil Spencer spoke about it this Friday (16th). According to him, it is possible that the games will not only be compatible with the new console, but also offer an even better experience. After all, it will have much more powerful hardware.

On the other hand, games with Kinect will not be available due to the accessories’ incompatibility with the new technology.

“Our backwards compatibility engineers have spent years coming up with innovative ways to make the game library you build today even better, at no extra cost and no development work,” said Spencer.

According to the boss, Xbox has long tried to create an environment where games from previous generations talk to each other. As such, it’s possible that those who buy the last-gen console will be able to play the older games, and those who have earlier-gen consoles may also have access to games released after the Xbox Series X launched.

“We’re not going to force you to upgrade to Xbox Series X at launch to play Xbox exclusives,” Spencer said.

In this sense, Microsoft relies on a new system for its games, which fans should be very pleased about.

The launch of the Xbox Series X is planned for the end of 2020, but there is no concrete date yet. For more content like this, click here.

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