Valheim has established itself as one of the most exciting games of the moment

Valheim has established itself as one of the most exciting games of the moment HomeGamerValheim has established itself as one of the most exciting games of the moment

The game Valheim hits the incredible mark of 500,000 concurrent players on Steam and establishes itself as one of the most relevant games in recent years.

Developed by Iron Gate, a small developer, Valheim has been at the forefront and has beaten big names in the market. In that sense, it was the fifth game, after PUBG, CS:GO, Dota 2, and Cyberpunk 2077, to reach such a milestone. That’s quite an achievement considering most of the games are either free or have made astronomical investments in advertising.

wave of success

The game has also been huge on social media as it is the 7th most watched game on Twitch, beating out established games like CS:GO, Dota 2, Minecraft and Rust. Thus, Valheim has watched more than 20 million hours since its launch, and Iron Gate Studio itself has promised expansions and updates to make the game more attractive. It is worth noting that only 5 people developed the game!

“This success is new territory for Coffee Stain. Luckily on our team we have Daniel Kaplan, who was part of the rise of Minecraft, as well as the truly remarkable creators of Iron Gate. We look forward to walking this path together,” said Albert Säfström, CEO of Coffee Stain.

how the game works

Valheim is a game that can be played between 1 and 10 players, in a setting entirely inspired by Viking mythology. The goal is simple: survive to reach Asgard. To achieve this, players must explore the purgatory they have been sent to, collect resources and help each other as many dangers inhabit the environment.

The game follows classic survival style which is very popular like Day Z, Rust, Ark and Conan: Exile. These are still the newest games. Although Valheim usually caters to the tastes of the crowd, it still has some differences that allow it to surpass the previous ones.

simplicity and fun

Valheim clearly aims to be a simple and fun game. Many of the games mentioned have complex mechanisms for creating items, managing status and other things which, although expressing reality, in practice make the game more bureaucratic and not very tolerable for the casual gamer, which is not the case here.

So, in addition to creating a gimmick – the crow companion that blows how to do everything you need – the game of Iron Gate simplifies all the mechanics of crafting items and houses. So you can get the basics of playing in minutes.

In addition, the game also mitigates mechanics like hunger, cold, and disease by giving bonuses when controlled but not overly punishing the player. This allows even a beginner to play and have fun, and for someone more experienced to have a bonus for managing their health well.

This concept of lowering the learning curve is what made Mobas so successful, it makes them easy to play and hard to master.

Light and beautiful graphics

Another thing that stands out is the ease of play. The studio designed Valheim to run on as many machines as possible. In addition, he adopts a different strategy used by the most popular games today, working with simple 3D graphics and making good use of lighting and shaders. This creates a fantasy/dream aspect that fits very well into the narrative and demands little from the machine.

The game also consumes about 700 megabytes of storage space, add to this a game that has practically no bugs and we have something really accessible.

Valheim has a lot of content to explore as it has an open world with co-op opportunities that draw a lot of attention. It currently costs R$37.99 on Steam (worth checking if the price stays the same). Still, it’s worth every penny of the investment.

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