Valve may launch a portable PC to compete against Switch

Valve Can Launch a Portable PC to Face the Switch HomeGeneralValve Can Launch a Portable PC to Face the Switch

Valve is reportedly working on a new handheld device to go head-to-head with the Nintendo Switch.

Valve Laptop Promise

Valve has had great success with Steam, the go-to place for buying PC games. It’s always looked for other ways to expand, so strong rumors point to the possibility of the company developing a portable console with an AMD APU, which could be announced later this year. In that sense, this console would bring PC gaming to portable hardware running Linux.

The rumor started when Pavel Djundik wrote to the SteamDB website that they found code on Steam about a Valve controller codenamed Neptune. So that would include “SteamPal” and “SteamPal Games” (Game List_View_NeptuneGames). This news related to a new launch by the company, in addition to other insights from last year.

Pavel Djundik’s Twitter on Steam Discovery

According to the information, SteamPal will be a Switch-like device capable of running PC games, with its own screen and the ability to be connected to monitors. In addition, it will be possible to use accessories such as a mouse, keyboard, headphones, etc. Rumor has it that Nvidia would pull out of the project, leaving Intel and AMD in the running.

Valve Steam 2021

A competitor for the Switch?

AMD already supplies silicon for the Xbox and PlayStation 5, making it the ideal partner for Valve to make a strong move into the global market. This increases Intel’s interest in not letting the competitor take as much market share. However, it’s apparent that we don’t yet have details on the price range or the battery, which is something very sensitive with this type of project.

Trying to create a strong competitor for the Switch is nothing new. There are several Chinese models trying to enter this portable console market, such as the Aya Neo and the GPD WIN 3, which use Windows 10. However, none of them have Valve as a distributor. In that sense, the company has already failed a number of times to ship its Steam Machines, such as the Steam Controller, which has had low adoption.

The steam controller that didn’t catch

The big difficulty when creating a notebook is juggling between performance, consumption and price. Therefore, today there is no consensus on a configuration that would meet all of these requirements. Obviously, however, AMD and Intel could come up with something more customized, as has been done for the Xbox and PlayStation 5 consoles.

The device is rumored to launch in late 2021, but it’s entirely possible that there may be a delay in production due to the pandemic and silicon shortages. So we waited.

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